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Monday, March 5, 2012

some sketches at Ssamzigil building, Insa-dong, Seoul

 Ssamzigil building viewed from the court-yard, pen, 24.5 x 35cm

 another view of the Ssamzigil building, 21 x 29.5cm 

 another view of the Ssamzigil building, 21 x 29.5cm 

 Folk dancing musicians playing in front of the Ssamzigil building at the Insa street, 21 x 29.5cm

 a portrait of Mr.Lee Jeong-woo (florist), pen, 21 x 29.5cm 

 looking down the court-yard from the roof terrace, pen, 21 x 29.5cm

 neighboring buildings over Ssamjigil building, pencil, 21 x 29.5cm

The Central Temple of Chondokyo and Soowoon building viewed from the Insa Art Center located 
across the Ssamzigil, 21 x 29.5cm 

YMCA Building (completed in 1967) located on an approach to Insa-dong, 21 x 29.5cm

Last Saturday, we Seoul sketchers visited to Ssamzigil in Insa-dong. The Ssamzigil is a square building, not a street. It has four floors and is consist of a Korean rice cake shop, a paper hanger, an antique shop and Korean restaurants, etc. It's a quite low rise structure made out of concrete, metal, glass and wood definitely feeling modern yet warm and approachable by having open ramp style passage ways with a very slight slope. It is seen as a Korean culture complex, what is more it's so unique and has set a sort of new direction for good old Insa-dong. 
The weather was so fine and we amused ourselves by looking on the variegated sceneries and sketching here and there in the fantastic building. Welcome to join the USK Seoul, Bahk Joung-yeon and Han Jeong-seon! 


laquint said...

어쩜 이만큼 빠르면서 디테일하게도 그리실 수 있는지 놀랍기만 합니다. 생동감 넘치는 스케치 잘 감상하고 갑니다.

Lee Yong Hwan said...

정형, 비례, 균형, 소실점...
건축가의 시각으로부터 자유로워지고 싶은 화가로서의 충동이 스케치할 때마다 그자리에서 마구 풀어 담고 싶은 열정에 빠져들게 합니다.

tami sundial said...

그림을 볼때마다 와우~~ 하고 외쳐요^^
저는 선생님의 그림을 이렇게 가까이 볼 수 있는 것이 행운이라 생각합니다...

Lee Yong Hwan said...

모든 현장이 수련장 같습니다. 스케치 장소에서 뵙겠습니다.