Friday, February 26, 2016

sketches of local church buildings

Nokbeon-dong Catholic Church, Eunpyeong-gu,  (녹번동 성당)

Munhwachon First Presbyterian Church, Seodamun-gu, (문화촌 제일교회 )

Seoul Hongsung  Community Church, Seodamun-gu, (서울 홍성교회)

Eunpyeong Methodist Church, Eunpyeong-gu, (은평교회)

Yeonhui Methodist Church, Seodamun-gu, (연희 감리교회 )
Many kinds of churches bring neighborhood to life showing various forms and symbolic images. In a residential area, the church is often the focal point for the local community.
Every church usually is a great place for sketchers to explore a number of drawing subjects. 
For the last several days, I've sketched some church buildings located in Seodamun-gu and Eunpyeong-gu, northwest Seoul near my village. 
(21 x 29.6 cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor)
교회건축은 종교시설이지만 지역사회 공동체 역할도 합니다.  
크고 작은 개성있는 형태의 교회는 주민들에게 편안함을 제공하며~~
건물 이미지와 내부공간, 각종 행사들은 훌륭한 스케치 소재입니다.

Monday, February 15, 2016

sketch at the exhibition in the Seoul Arts Center

pen, charcoal, A 4

Last Saturday I visited the Seoul Arts Center to see the exhibition of the masterpieces of the British Museum under the title "Human Image". The inside was crowded with visitors of course. I appreciated every piece ranging from BC to contemporary works. There were chairs for the keepers. I sat and sketched the scenery. Charcoal was very proper material for the dark and lighted inside. It might be an excuse if I say I couldn't draw them for the rushing visitors. Ratherly I would have liked to enjoy all those masterpieces. Hope you not to miss the exhibit. Thank you!

지난 토요일에 예술의 전당에서 대영박물관 전시회를 관람했어요. 주말이고 해외 박물관 전시라 방문객이 많았어요. 점심도 미리 김밥으로 때우고 들어가서 몇시간 관람하면서 그림은 한두장밖에 못그렸습니다. 다른 관람객에게 방해될 것같기도 했고, 저도 한 작품 한 작품 꼼꼼히 보고 싶었지요. 긴 시대를 아우르는 많은 작품들을 대하면서 많은 생각과 각오를 다지고 나왔습니다.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

sketches in acrylics at Cheonggyecheon and Jongno, Seoul

scenery with Mojeongyo (bridge), acrylics, crayon, 39 x 27 cm

street scenery at Sambong-ro, Jongno
acrylics, crayon, 39 x 27 cm

Today, the end of Lunar new year holidays, I went to downtown for sketching for the weather forecast said it would be warm. But doing something near the cold water was not easy at all. The fabric which I used for water-absorbing was frozen. It might be caused by my location in shade. Passengers asked "Aren't your fingers cold?" I replied "Absolutely freezing!" But expecting that the spring will come soon I enjoyed the outdoor sketching. 
After finishing the first one I moved to Burger King, Jongno district office branch to warm myself and sketch one more indoor. The place was excellent with my favorite views which I repeatedly kept drawing. This time I used acrylics and crayons. In both works changing light mattered as always, which compose the most attractive scenery in pictures. 

오늘 날이 따뜻하다고 하여 시내에 나갔는데 바람도 불고 쌀쌀하더군요. 청계천의 물가에 더구나 그늘에 자리를 잡고 보니 물 적시는 천이 얼었어요. 그래도 시내 가까운 곳에 이런 장소가 있어서 다가오는 봄을 기다리며 스케치를 즐겁게 했습니다.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

scenery seen from Jongno Tower

charcoal, A 4

conte, pastels, A 4

These were made on the same spot of Jongno Tower 10th floor looking down the Jongno YMCA area. Along the Jongno 2-ga street there are rows of nice looking buildings. But behind of them we could see old and low buildings. By such contrast I could enjoy the various type of shadows in the afternoon. I often visit to see the movement of darkness. Last Feb. 1st I drew rapidly with charcoal. And yesterday I tried to capture in detail with conte adding pale pastel colors. I was excited with the strong contrast of light and dark changing every second.

지난 2월 1일에 이어 어제 종로 타워에 갔어요. 늘 내려다 보는 장소에서 또 그렸습니다. 환한 햇살에 드리워진 건물들의 다양한 그림자들이 흥미롭구요. 복잡한 건물들의 모습을 그려보는 것도 큰 공부라 생각하고 그 건물에 갈때마다 들려봅니다.  움직이는 그림자를 보면서 지구의 자전, 태양계 속의 나를 생각하는 시간을 갖는 것은 덤입니다.