Monday, May 31, 2010

donation for refugees

When I entered the Kumsun Temple I could see the house (Haehangdang-House for understanding & practicing the truth of Buddha). On the narrow wooden floor was a big wooden box for donation laid. Visitors could have a cup of coffee or tea freely. A placard appealing donation for earthquake refugees in Chile & Haiti. Monks and staffs were very kind.

Little important something

29.7x21cm, watercolor

Let's have some applause for little important somthing on the earth!

이 땅의 모든 힘없고 하찮은 것들에 박수를 보내며..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

at Seoul

Nodle island and Senamter church

퇴근길 정체되는 동안 버스에서 대강 스케치하고 집에서 칠했습니다.
노들섬 사이로 멀리 새남터성당이 어렴풋이 보입니다.
풀과 나무를 뜻하는 새나무터에서 유래 되었으며 조선 초기에는 군인들이 무술을 연마하던 연무장이었으나, 조선 후기부터는 사육신이 이곳에서 처형되었으며, 그후에도 김대건신부, 외국의 주문모신부 그리고 이름없는 수많은 천주교신자들이 순교한 슬픈 역사의 현장이기도 합니다!

Street foods

예전의 그림을 다시 그려보았습니다

take a meal at 3 P.M
오후 3시.
울 집 강아지 복실이의 수술시간이었으며 그 날의 첫 식사.
내겐 의미있던 송편 두 조각입니다.
수술하는 동안 동물병원 옆 coffee shop에서 그렸습니다.
불안함을 조금이라도 해소하려 붓은 들었지만 그리고 있는 내내 하늘에 기대고 있었습니다.

at Kumsansa near my village, Seoul

I climbed the Bughan mountain near my village. When descending I came to Kumsansa. The temple was so beautiful that I sketched many. The woman was praying reading the scripture.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

at Lotte Mart cafeteria

21x29.7cm, pen and watercolor

수요일은 작은 아이가 3시40분에 영재원 갔다가 6시반에 끝나면 7시 40분 학원 수업 시작하기 전
마트안에 있는 푸드코너에서 저녁을 먹습니다. 저는 화실 수업 하다말고 학원 가방 챙겨다 주러 서둘러 갑니다. 오늘은 아이가 친구와 치킨을 저녁으로 먹었습니다. 먹는 동안 저는 마냥 기다리기 뭐하여 스케치 간단히 하였지요. 학원이 끝나고 집에 오면 10시15분쯤 됩니다. 초등학교 6학년이 견디기는 너무 무거운 짐 같습니다. 대안을 찾지 못하여 저도 어쩔 수 없는 엄마의 모습으로 살지만 답답하기만 한 현실이지요

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oksudong under Urban Redevelopment

My very first upload in Urban Sketchers Seoul.

It's a picture of Oksudong disappearing due to Urban Redevelopment Plan taking place in Seoul.

yoochun apartment enterance hall

18x24cm, pen and watercolor

Gachun medical department university

21x29.7cm, pen and watercolor

비도 오고 시간도 넉넉치 않아 가까운 동네 학교에 가서 우산을 받쳐들고 쭈그리고 앉아 한 장 그려봤습니다. 색칠은 화실에 와서 했구요

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Monsieur Han

18x24cm, pen and watercolor

부천에 있는 한 중학교에서 작은 아이 KMC수학경시대회가 있어서 갔다가 아이는 시험장에 들여 보내고 그 주변을 돌아다니다 커피 전문점에서 그렸습니다. 그림을 그리며 보니 세월은 어쩔 수 없구나 하는 생각을 했습니다. 실제 인물보다 좀 실하게? 그려졌네요 ㅋㅋ Angel in us coffee라는 곳인데 에스프레소 맛이 일품이었습니다

Saturday, May 22, 2010

at Namsan Korean Style House Village

rice cake on exhibition

a view through the columns

wooden mat and pounding bat for making rice cake

exhibited rice cake with flower
Yesterday I visited the Korean style house village at Pil-dong, Seoul. Fortunately I could see the Korean Rice cake competition. The sponsor presented ricecake and biscuits. The site was beautiful with traditional houses. Because it locates at Namsan hillside the surrounding looks nice. Hope that we can sketch together there later!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

at Sejong University

At Sejong University was there a festival. The students might have rented all the parasols, tables, and stools from the renting company. The\man seemed to be a superintendent to check the numbers of them before loading into the truck. While he was smoking, I caught the scene.

I sketched the left side of Students' Hall of Sejong University sitting in the stadium.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

photos on #27th sketchcrawl in Seoul

Lee Yong-hwan far left and Jung Un-ja by the sculpture

Park Jung-sook, Jung Un-ja, Koo Yoon-kyung, Yoo Byung-hwa from left at Seoul Museum of History

Park Jung-sook and Jung Un-ja were sketching at Sejong Center beside the sculpture

Koo Yoon-kyung at Sejong Center

Thank you all participants and your posting,

See you soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

#27th Sketchcrawl in Seoul drawing by Park Jeong-sook

Gangbuk Samsung hospital Gyeonggyojang

pen and watercolor
Jeong-dong crossroad Mc Donald front

pen and watercolor
Kyunghee palace

pen and watercolor
in front of History Museum

pen and watercolor

27th Sketchcrawl around Gwanghwamun in Seoul

The Sejongno Intersection

KT Gwanghwamun building

U.S. Embassy Seoul, Korea.

Saemunan Presbyterian Church

Kyongkyojang in front of Kangbuk Samsung Hospital

The bronze statue of Admiral Lee Sun-Shin at Gwanghwamun Square
On 27th Sketchcrawl day, I sketched several pieces around Gwanghwamun, Sejongno, Sinmunro, and so on. The entire Gwanghwamun area filled with a lot of cultural assets and the strong memories of the Seoul history.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

#27th Sketchcrawl


29.7x21cm, pen and watercolor
Kyunghee Palace sungjeongwon

29.7x21cm, pen and watercolor
Jung-dong crossroad

21x29.7cm, pen and watercolor
History museum

24.5x33cm, pen and pasnet,colorpencil on envelope
Sejong cultural center terrace surrounding

34.5x25cm, pen and watercolor on colorpaper

Because it was sharing sketching after a long time, mind had grown restless furtively. The weather make environment that is apt to paint picture.
Pleasure and feeling of happiness with givers at the Gwanghwamun sketching begin.
Continuously, saw around history museum scenery photo exhibition that is Kimgichan
photogragher's side street inside scenery at gallery.
In shade of a tree one Kyunghee palace picture and transfer.
On the way, drinks espresso in coffeeshop and drew around Jung-dong crossroads.
Finally, paint picture in Gyeonggyojang and had dinner nearby.
Picture sites were so many to there to come to home passing the Jung-dong way.
May set next time sketching place there.
Spent a happy day.^^

Saturday, May 15, 2010

the 27th Sketchcrawl

in front of Sejong Center of the Performing Arts
The sculpture was made by Lee Sung-ung.

at the terrace of Sejong Center. sculpture made by Choi Pyung-gon with bamboo and iron bar

at the back side of Sejong Center

on the terrace of Sejong Center

at the plaza of Seoul Museum of History
The weather was fantastic. It was May. Five sketchers, Koo Yoon-kyung, Park Jung-sook, Jung Un-ja, Lee Yong-hwan, and I participated in. I had to participate in my nephew's wedding in the afternoon, therefore I couldn't keep sketching together. But I made several drawings in the wedding. Thanks a lot for the participants. Hope you to post them soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

at the play yard of Children's Grand Park

I caught this one at the playground where kids and school boys were busy with climbing up the strings. Middle school students were there for the painting at the Park. After finishing it they were enjoying as if they were back to the past when they're kids.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The wall of Chang Gyeong Palace

24x18cm, at Jongno, Seoul

Chang gyeong Palace was built king seongjong of the Joseon Dynasty for King's mother in 1484. This Palace looked out on the east and smaller than other Palace, because of mother's palace
창경궁은 조선시대의 성종때 대비전을 위해 만들어진 궁궐입니다. 정조대왕이 오랜 기간 이 궁궐에서 보내기도 했지만 대비궁으로 지어진 탓에 다른 궁궐과 달리 동향이며 구성도 소략한 감이 있습니다. 일제 강점기에는 궁을 창경원으로 격하시켜 동물원을 궁에 두기도 했습니다. 지금은 다시 옛 이름인 창경궁을 되찾고 동물원도 없엔 우리의 중요한 문화유산입니다.

실제 이 맘때쯤, 궁 안쪽에서 뿜어내는 초록빛은 이 그림보다 훨씬 아름답습니다.퇴근길에 원남 사거리에서 본 풍광입니다.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

at pyununjae

21x29.7cm, 4B pencil and watercolor
I went outing by Anseong Nansil-ri. There is where Jo byeong-hwa poet's paternal home is.Spring sun had bloomed fully in the poet's hometown village that puts together and leaves literary achievement and goes age.
Usually, meets poet several persons who form intimate friendship and spends and fell on good hour. I thought that should say hard picture and poetry.

Friday, May 7, 2010

two sketches

I sketched the Students' Hall of Sejong Univ at the main entrance of Children's Grand Park. To say the truth the roof of the entrance should be drawn longer than this. I found that after finishing the washing.

A soldier entered the subway. I wondered whether he was going to home or military unit.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

two sketches at Inchon city

Today I went to Inchon city for sketching. The left one was drawn at Hwa-soo Wharf and the right one was made at the village near Dowon Station. Whenever I go there I feel it shows endless features, which has many kinds of ports, Int'l Airport nearby, large scale factory sites, china town, old and new villages.... I thank for Inchon city and am satisfied with the fact that I can arrive there within one hour.