Saturday, January 30, 2010

at Kansai airport

pen and pencil watercolor, 29.7x21cm

I sketched it while the airplane waiting to take off.
But I missed the members of my party. Wowwww..

Break time

pen and watercolor, 20.5x15.5cm, at heukseok, seoul

The machines doesn’t know how to speak.
But they want to have the break like us.

라면Instant noodle

pen and watercolor, 21x14.5cm

역시 라면은 양은 냄비에 담겨야 가장 제격입니다
그것도 노랗고 찌그러진^^

at cafe whoever

21x29.7cm watercolor

Second child academy vacation, takes in special courses and drinks espresso waiting at cafe ad reads book and painted picture.
For one week, melt and came fatigue.

Friday, January 29, 2010

at Inchon seaport

30 x 40 cm, pen and watercolor
These drawings were made on last year at Inchon seaport.

a couple of a small store

I sketched this one from the car window at Yeongundong of Chongro-gu, Seoul.
We can see these chairs and small stores all around our villages.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two sketches at historic site in Seoul

at Seorung

temple bell pavilion at Jogyesa
Occasionally I visit the historic site in several places. These sketches were drawn at Seorung and Jogyesa Temple in last year. I sketched out the architectural forms without watercolor.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

from the rooftop, Nagwon building

I sketched this one last year at Nagwon building near Insadong, Seoul. I looked down this scene from the rooftop. I love to sketch around the Chongro streets where I feel the essence of Seoul, Korea.

at yeonsu library

21x29.7cm charcoal & watercolor
14.5x22cm silverpen & watercolor on black paper

Monday, January 25, 2010

at after school and subway

First-year student Yu-song in great imaginative elementary school is image in class after school.

Because mother was painful, painted in subway on way to personnel that is hospitalized.

21x29.7cm watercolor

visit Japan

pencil and watercolor, 29.7x21cm, at kyoto, Japan
It seems these Japanese dolls take the chopsticks.
일본의 섬세함과 소소한 것에 대한 정성에 다시금 놀랐습니다.

pen, warercolor, 29.7x21cm,
at the enterance of kumgak temple, kyoto.
I sketched this drawing at kyoto. This district is mainly residential.
I think almost of Japanese architecture
is charateristic of pastel colors and surrounded by line.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

At the Olympic Park

큰 눈이 온 뒤론 외출을 잘 안하다가 오랜만에 공원에 산책하러 갔었습니다. 공원 안에 있는 소마미술관에서 '로봇'에 관한 미술전시를 하네요. 아이들이 좋아할 것같은 전시회입니다.

Choi su-dong teacher

On today, there was Incheon art association ordinary general meeting.
Next term, progressed together exec election. For result came back home without confirming, a really necessary person should like to be elected for association.
Coordinate la of ideas of Rhyu si-min's books and Hong se-hwa reads books and is trivial, but thought value of a ticket as long as is important.
Painted artist of western painting Choi su-dong teacher waiting between ordinary general meeting.

21x29cm watercolor on a booklet

Friday, January 22, 2010

three electricians

Last wednesday, I walked down my village and saw these electricians who were busy with changing the cords on a cold day. On the ground parts of cut cords were laid. Though I had to keep walking not to be late to the appointment I sketched them for a while. I thank for the common workers always.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a woman with a lunch plate on her head

I sketched her from the bus window. She was carrying a lunch plate on her head to a near shop or merchant at Chongro street of Dongdaemun Market, Seoul. Though the street was crowded with pedestrians and merchants I omitted all but her because I thought she was walking toward the hope and dream of her life.


This sculpture "Spring" was installed on 2006 celebrating the restoration of Cheonggyecheun, Seoul. The artists Bruggen and Oldenberg had created this one inspired from the shell, the development of Seoul, the Korean women's traditional dress ribbons, blue and red. I hope the Seoul sketchers to have chances to draw around this for best results in next sketchcrawls if possible.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A children's wear corner at market

29.7x21cm, at Namdaemun market , Seoul

Two sketches of modern architecture

Seoul Station (Renaissance style)

Anglican Church (Romanesque style)
I sketched two buildings on the spot rapidly in Seoul.
These modern buildings are of historical importance in Korea.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

an old woman

Years ago(2001) I could have travelled to Daegu. I had seen this old woman at railroad station who seemed to have been waiting to get on the train. Though nearly 10 years have passed I recollect the travel and the mood when I had sketched her.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

For beauty

pen and watercolor, 20.5x15.5cm, at heukseok, seoul

아름다움을 위한 저 고단한 여정!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Steve's sketches at sketchcrawls

view from Jeungdong Church, Jeungdong, Seoul

Jeungdong Church, Jeungdong, Seoul

Steve sketched me while drawing.

at the Anglican church of Korea, Seoul

from his sketchbook, portrait of his friend

Steve sketched Lee Yong-hwan at the restaurant while we had lunch.

I took photos with my cellular phone. So the pencil lines are not clear. I thank Steve for permitting to take pictures. I admire his honest and sincere attitude for art and human relationship. We enjoyed the meetings and promised to sketch together next time.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At the beauty shop

pen and watercolor,41x15.5cm, at heukseok, seoul Korea

세상 스캔들의 70% 는 미용실 잡지에서 공짜로 습득하며 지루함을 달랩니다

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sketchcrawl 2 with Steve in Seoul

The Anglican Church of Korea, Jeung-dong, Seoul

At the Namdaemun Market, Seoul

A girl was having hot noodle sitting on the resting floor at Namdaemun Market, Seoul.

Seoul sketcher Kim Kyung-hee was washing her work at Namdaemun Market, Seoul.

I sketched Steve's portrait in pencil at Namdaemun Market, Seoul. Thanks a lot for Steve's family and Seoul sketchers in spite of cold weather.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The sketchcrawl 2 with Steve in Seoul

pen and watercolor, at Namdaemun market, Seoul

시드니에서 방문한 Steve씨와의 sketchcrawl은 추웠지만 재미있고 색다른 경험이었습니다.
끝날 무렵엔 눈도 내려 주었습니다
27.6x21cm, at the Anglican Church of Korea

고즈넉한 성당의 풍경은 언제봐도 아름답습니다

pen and watercolor, 41x15.5cm, at Yeungpung bookstore, Seoul

글을 쓰는 내겐 평생 친구이며 떼어 놓을 수 없는 존재, 연필이어서 그려봤습니다

Saturday, January 9, 2010

the 2nd sketchcrawl with Steve in Seoul

Steve's work with acrylics painted at Namdaemun market, 30 x 40 cm board

Steve's sketch at the Anglican church, Jeung-dong, Seoul

Steve painting with black and white acrylic colors

Kim Kyung-hee drawn by Lee Yong-hwan at Namdaemun market, Seoul

Steve drawn with pencil by Lee Yong-hwan at Namdaemun market, Seoul

We had lunch after finishing sketching at Namdaemun market.

Kim Kyung-hee, Lee Yong-hwan, and Steve from the left were busy with sketching at Namdaemun Market, Seoul.

Grand drum laid in front of Duck-soo Palace for the ceremony of alternating of a chief of gatekeepers in traditional clothes. But due to the cold weather the regular event was postponed.

I drew this at Namdaemun market, Seoul

At the Anglican church of Korea I sketched this one with chalk holder. Though the weather was not warm at all sketching with other friends was always fun and pleasing. Thanking for Steve and his attractive wife, Susie, and his lovely daughter to participate in this hard weather, we promised to meet again and again in Seoul and in Sydney someday! Thanks for all participants too! See you in next sketchcrawl soon!