Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Candle rally sketches at Gwanghwamun, Seoul

Scene of the demonstrators with various flags in front of Gwanghwamun Gate

Scene at Gwanghwamun junction viewed from 10th floor of Officia building

Stage for the free speakers and singers at Gwanghwamun Square

pencil sketch drawn at the steps of Sejong Center for the Performing Arts

Participants in candle rally

Reporter and cameramen of YTN on the outside broadcast van at Naeja-dong, Gwanghwamun

Reporter and cameraman of JTBC at Cheongun-dong near from the Blue House

Demonstrators and duty policemen on police bus at Cheongun-dong, 200meters distance from the Blue House(President's residence)

Charcoal sketch of same confrontational situation between police and demonstrators 
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor )
I think that lots of people in the world would know about the candle rally on Saturdays in Seoul. I participated in two times on Nov. 19 and 26. The number of participants increased to 1.5 million in Seoul and 1.9 in national scale. And it was amazing that all the demonstrations were absolutely peaceful. The organizers proceeded like festivals with volunteer speakers and famous singers. Sketching among the moving demonstrating citizens from all the nation was really valuable experience to me. I was impressed so much by the waving candles like stream on broad street in nightscape. 
격동의 함성이 광화문의 지축을 울리는~~
주말 촛불시위는 거대한 축제 같았읍니다.
정치를 떠나서... 광화문의 150만 촛불의 물결은
밤하늘을 수놓는 스펙타클의 감동이었습니다~~
종군작가(?)의 흥분을 안고 열심히 그렸습니다.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The 5th candle rally at Gwanghwamun

duty policemen 

people wearing raincoats at Cheongun-dong not far from Blue House

a guy with his notebook at bakery

free speacher and MC at temporary stage on truck

cameraman on ladder at Cheongun-dong

reporter and cameraman

big whale shown at Cheongun-dong recalling the Sewol ferry disaster

scene Gwanghwamun crossing seen from 10th floor of Officia building, pen, conte, charcoal, pastels, A 4

Though William and JH Yi had sent texts that they wouldn't be able to join the sketch I tried to make a sketch at food court in Seoul Station waiting for somebody but nobody had shown. So I and YH Lee left for Gwanghwamun to sketch candle rally at 11:10 am. 
conte, pastels, 24 x 32 cm

YH Lee stood on higher level for better view in front of bakery.

It was amazing that people finished all the demonstration in a very honorable way full of peace and matured manners. Regardless of bad weather of snowing people gathered. Though the number of people gathered at that place might be not big enough to be compared to the total population we could feel the unified mind just being in that candle rally. It was a great experience to see the candles lighted on after light-off at once from the 10th floor of Officia building. Hot packs, water, candles, hot tea provided by citizens were thanked very much on such a cold snowy day.

백만이 넘는 참가자의 촛불 시위를 그토록 평화롭게 마칠 수 있는
대한민국 국민의 한 사람이라는 것에 참으로 마음이 뿌듯했습니다.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The 4th candle rally at Gwanghwamun on Nov. 19, 2016

Last time on Nov. 12 I was at one place. But this time I walked here and there with people. Blowing yellow leaves of ginkgo trees were beautiful. I was there since 3 pm. It got dark soon. People gathered into Gwanghwamun continuously and moved as stream. I sketched as many as I could shouting with people from time to time. People might have wanted to show that the dream of millions' could be achieved by themselves. Participants ranged from children to grandparents. To see families with kids and babies on prams was impressive and different from the previous demonstrations. Peaceful rally again with none arrested. 

지난 12일에 이어 19일에도 광화문에 갔습니다. 이번에는 한군데에 앉아 있기 보다 서서 걸으며 이곳 저곳을 스케치해보았구요. 낮이면 낮대로 일몰후에는 그대로 아름다운 모습이었습니다. 평화로운 촛불 시위는 새로운 경험이었습니다. 그런 진행과 참여자들의 성숙한 모습이 감동적이었습니다.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Demonstration at Gwanghwamun

pen, pastels, 37 x 26 cm

Last Saturday I participated in the demonstration held at Gwanghwamun. I sat in the step of Sejong Performing Arts Center. People from all over the nation gathered. On the stage free speaking was on. Young, old, man, woman, students, and even Seoul city mayor Park Won-soon volunteered for the free speeches. In the middle time singers' stages made people excite. It was very impressive to hear the people's roaring from far to near. It was just like a thunder. Nobody asked to come there buying railroad tickets and renting express buses. But they flocked to let the president, politicians, and government know where the real power comes from. People began to act. The action was very peaceful but powerful in message.

지난 토요일에 광화문 집회에 다녀왔어요. 과연 근래에 처음 보는 운집에 놀랐습니다. 평화로운 집회의 진행과 협조하는 시민들의 모습에서 우리의 역량을 느꼈어요. 어두웠던 현실속에서 희망을 보고 돌아왔습니다.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

서울 남산타워의 가을 ~~

서울 남산의 가을을 담아봅니다.
멀리보이는 케이블카는 왕복 8500원
그것을 타면 서울의 모습이 아주 멋지게
한눈에 들어 온답니다.
케이블카를 타고 올라가 내리면 남산타워앞
정자 아래에서다양한 문화공연 퍼레이드가 한창이지만
복잡한 표현이어려워 가을분위기만 담아봅니다 

Sketching at the Seoul Station on Nov. 26th, 2016

날씨가 많이 추워졌습니다. 스케치 모임 알려드립니다.
11월 26일 토요일 오전 10시 30분경 서울역 3층 푸드코트에서 만납니다.
항상 생동감 넘치는 서울역에서 많은 장면을 스케치해보는 기회가 될 것입니다.
12시 반경 식사후 스케치를 계속하며 오후 3시 30분경 그림 감상시간을 갖습니다.
각자 원하는 도구를 쓰시고 회비는 없습니다. 관심있는 분들의 많은 참석 바랍니다.

We'll have a meetup for sketching at Seoul Station on Nov. 26, 2016. We meet at the food court, 3rd floor in Seoul Station at 10:30 pm. After having lunch on 12:30 pm we continue sketching in and out of station. At 3:30 pm we'll finish the meetup appreciating all the works of sketchers. Hope to see you all who have interest in sketching on the spot! Thank you!

Monday, November 7, 2016

sketches at Ssamziegil, Insa-dong in Seoul

Ssamziegil building viewed from Ganainsa Art Center on the opposite side

main entrance of Ssamziegil building 

surrounding buildings beyond the Ssamziegil

open-air rooftop cafe in Ssamziegil building

portrait of Mr. William 
( 21x 29.6cm sketchbook,  pen, pencil, watercolor )
I often go to Insa-dong (인사동) for enjoying sketch in my spare time, because there are a lot of subject matters for sketching all over the place. Last Saturday, I joined in sketch meeting with William at Ssamziegil(쌈지길) building which is one of the famous tourist attractions in Insa-dong. After sketching around Ssamziegil, we moved to McDonald's for tea. During our conversation I sketched a portrait of William and presented him in memory of sketch meeting.
전통문화와 갤러리, 맛집 먹거리와 관광객들...
인산인해 사이사이로 길거리 이벤트가 흥을 돋구고
각양각색의 언어와 색상의 물결은 살아있는 소음과 함께
배경음악처럼~~ 스케치를 위한 상설무대와 같이 느껴집니다.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sketches at Insa-dong

scenery seen from the 5th floor terrace of Insa Art Center

street shops seen from the entrance steps of Insa Art Center

young couple taking picture at Insadong Maru building
pastels, pen, colored paper 26 x 37 cm

William, JH Yi, and YH Lee

JH Lee

It was cloudy a little. I kept pastels instead of watercolor worrying about rain. Tourists and visitors made the street lively even it was 10 am. Insa-dong is one of the historic and cultural town around Gyeongbokgung(palace). The area is mixed with newly built low buildings and old Korean traditional style houses. I drew the irregular features compared to the high-risen buildings in rows at planned area of Gangnam. The Insa street is full of tourists and visitors always. The main street is blocked off from traffic. So people walk freely visiting galleries and enjoying shopping. 
After having lunch I went up to the Insadong Maru building which opened two years ago. In the middle space to 2nd floor there were colorful benches and an upright piano for the visitors to play. I chose red color bench to sketch. And a young couple sat for taking picture. 
The Ssamzie building was full of visitors. So many kinds of shops caught my eye. I enjoyed looking at goods. It became somewhat windy in the afternoon. We moved to McDonalds to see our works. There YH Lee sketched William and presented him. He liked so much. We shared opinions about sketching and art too. 

William, JH Yi, and YH Lee, thank you very much for sharing nice time!

오늘 오전중에 비가 온다는 예보에 수채보다는 마른 재료가 좋을 듯하여 파스텔만 챙겨갔어요. 조용한 인사아트센터 5층에서 그림 한장 하고 내려와서 한장 더 하고 점심 후에 마루빌딩에서 한장 했습니다. 언제나 생동감 넘치는 인사동은 스케치 거리가 넘칩니다. 아침에 감기약까지 먹고 간지라 몇장 못그렸어요. 그림도 체력이 많이 필요한 작업입니다.

윌리엄이 내년 2월에 한국을 떠나기에 이달 마지막 토요일인 11월 26일(November 26th, Saturday)에 서울역 3층 후드코트(3rd floor Food Court of Seoul Station)에서 그리기로 했습니다.  오전 10시 30분부터 그림 시작합니다. 관심 있는 분들의 많은 참석바랍니다.