Thursday, April 29, 2021

Sketching in watercolor on fine days

A scene of a special ceremony held on Jogyesa(temple located at Jongno, Seoul) to award certificates to monks who passed 1st grade exam,
ball-point pen, watercolor, 10.5 x 30 cm

A pagoda decorated with lotus lanterns donated by believers at Jogyesa, brush-pen, pen,  watercolor, 39.5 x 27 cm

A scene at Gabriel billiards club located at Juan city, brush-pen, watercolor, 39.5 x 27 cm

A scene in Garden billiards club located at Jongno, Seoul, 
brush-pen, watercolor, 39.5 x 27 cm

The weather seems very good for sketching outside. I visit billiards club often. I was very interested in playing. These days I tried to draw on bigger than my usual A 4 size. It was somewhat thrilling and enthralling too. After finishing them the staffs in the clubs liked the works, which made me have confidence to keep drawing forwards. On my way to home I drop in Jogyesa(temple) to appreciate all those colorful lotus lanterns decorated for the celebration of Buddha's birth on May 19(April 8th in lunar calender). People enjoy the beautiful scenes on day and night with shining lights, A woman, believer, asked me to take a photo of the pagoda drawing. Even she wanted to have photo holding it and once more with her mask off and happy smile. Yesterday I dropped in the temple holding the billiards drawing to dry it more and met a woman. Looking at it she told about his strong interest in art. Promising to meet later we departed. Such unexpected encountering was given by drawings. 

요즈음은 크게 덥지도 춥지도 않아서 수채화 그리기에 아주 좋은 듯합니다. 겨울에는 주로 마른 재료를 사용하나 바람부는 이즈음에는 수채화가 번거롭기는 해도 해볼만합니다. 그동안에는 당구장에 가면 연습하기에 바빴고 A 4 정도 종이에 인물 드로잉은 종종 했지만 좀 큰 종이에 수채화로 담아보고 싶은 마음에 용기를 내었습니다. 클럽을 나오면서 당구장 주인분들께 보여드리니 놀라워하면서 좋아하시는 모습에 저도 자신감을 갖고 더 많은 장면을 담아 보고 싶어졌습니다. 게다가 "사진보다 좋네요."하는 말씀에 저도 놀랐습니다. 당구도 하고 그림도 그리고 일석이조에다가 당구장에 오신 손님들에게도 '격'을 높여드리는 일이 되지 아닐까 하는 자부심도 가져봅니다. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Sketches at Euljiro, Seoul

old fashioned Bangsan Market, traditional wholesale market, pen and watercolor 

an old Japanese style house, pen and watercolor (29.5x42cm)

a scene of Sampoong Arcade and surroundings, pen and watercolor (29.5x42cm)

famous buildings around Sogong-dong viewed from Euljiro 1-ga, pen and watercolor (35x51cm)

Months have passed without off-line sketch meetings. But passionate sketchers keep posting on-line without off-line regular meetup sketching. Last Saturday, usk Seoul held a regular sketch meeting at Euljiro in downtown Seoul. Euljiro has long been a hub of Seoul's industry and business, and residential and commercial facilities coexist, and transportation is very convenient with subway line 2. Especially, it is interesting to see the old and new things, the harmony of preservation and development, history and future changes in Seoul.

I first started sketching crawl from the old Bangsan Market around Euljiro 4-ga. Soon after, an old shabby Japanese style house in the alley of the market caught my eyes. Then I sketched quickly it before the truck leaves,. After lunch, I walked down the main street and went up to the second-floor deck of Daelim Arcade on Euljiro 3-ga. And I sketched a bridge connecting Sampoong Arcade and a building under construction nearby. 

At last, avoiding the shower, I sat on the stairs of the subway Euljiro 1-ga Station Exit.I sketched colorful buildings around Sogong-dong crowded with famous department stores.

What a nice day to sketch outdoors in the natural air!

Hope you all safe and hard situation to be ended soon.


팬데믹으로 움추려 오던 몇개월이 길게 느껴집니다~

조심스레 그림도구를  펼치는 을지로가 반갑습니다.

길고도 평면적이고 하늘을 솟는 높이가 특징이지만

을지로의 틈새공간과 거대한 덩어리속의 세포분열은

역사 문화와 모듬살이 삶에서 변화하는 과정같습니다.

전통시장, 상가, 조명과 쇳덩어리, 영화세트 골목과 빌딩들..

이곳저곳 그리면서 인간미와 기계음이 섞여 돌아가는 

을지로는 쉴틈없이 살아 움직이는 스케치 테마 공장입니다

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sketches at Euljiro

An old Japanese style house remained at Bangsan market, Euljiro 5-ga, pencil, watercolor,,A 4

I started regular meetup sketching at Bangsan Market, located at Euljiro 5-ga. 
Entering the market I met a crossing guard. Hearing about the drawing the market scenes he recommended to capture this house. He added that lots of photographers visited to take picture the house. It looked attractive enough to draw. Because it was a weekend day some stores were close I could take my sit in front of a closed store and keep drawing without any trouble.
A young man who came out of another store to smoke after his lunch answered to my several questions about the house that he didn't know well but it seemed empty,

A cafe scene on 2F deck of Daerim Arcade, pencil, watercolor, A 4 

It was a cloudy day and weather forecasted raining on afternoon. When I walked down to downtown I met a bridge linking Daerim Arcade to Sampoong Arcade. But the bridge was under repairing so I tried to draw the cafe scenery on the shining terrace of Daerim Arcade. Piled plastic boxes used as a tea table caught my eye. Red brick wall was always beautiful. While I was drawing this one I met some favorite sketchers. Sketching freely without any fixed meeting places gave another possibility to find unknown spots here and there. COVID-19 changes our lives to a greater or lesser degree.

Scenery seen from the Exit 4 of Euljiro 1-ga(Euljiro ipgu) station, pencil, watercolor, A 4

I arrived at the entrance of Euljiro where lots of business buildings and shopping centers were gathered. I took a seat near the subway exit preparing to escape to the exit when it rained. When I kept drawing the street scene an old man shouted to me "Go over there!", I found a big lump covered with vinyl sheet was his dwelling place. At first I thought it as sand boxes laid by city. I answered him "Oh, did you stay there? Sorry! I didn't know that and I'll leave soon." He seemed satisfied anyhow and asked me in ordinary voice where I was from and so on. Around the exit some homeless people including a woman were there. A small garden located near the exit might give them rest in mind, 

오랜만에 재개된 정기 모임에 참여했습니다. 을지로 그리기는 서울에서 빼놓을 수 없는 주제같습니다. 을지로는 종로, 청계천, 충무로와 더불어 서울의 경제, 문화의 핵심적인 요소가 고루 갖추어진 장소입니다. 언제나 매력적인 스케치를 따로 또 같이 임의적으로 할 수 있어서 궂은 날씨에도 큰비 만나지 않고 즐겁게 마쳤습니다. 몇달 만에 만난 화우님들 반가왔습니다.
다음 모임에서 건강한 모습으로 만나 뵙기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.

Monday, April 12, 2021

USKseoul 2021년 4월 정기모임안내


[공지] ** 4월 정모(개별스케치) 안내 **

안녕하세요 팬데믹 상황이 개선되지 않은 관계로 USK Seoul 4월정모도 다음과 같은 가이드라인으로 진행 하겠습니다. 

1. 일시 : 4월17일 (토) 

2. 시간 : 제한시간 없음

3. 방법 : 별도로 오프라인 모임 없고 자유롭게 개인 스케치 후 온라인으로 공유 

4. 장소 : 을지로 일대 을지유람 코스 (아래URL 참고)

5. 준비물 : 개인스케치도구 및 작은 의자

**. 온라인 공유시 단톡방과 인스타그램에 올려주시고 해시태그는  

#USkSeoul #202104정모을지로 를 사용해주세요