Monday, December 29, 2014

창 밖의 풍경

안방 창밖의 풍경은 보는 높이에 따라서 거리감도 다르게 느껴집니다.

아파트 앞의 나즈막한 앞산에 소나무들은 여전히 푸르고 눈이 내렸던 흔적은 바닥에

 고스란히 하얗게 남아있습니다.

안방에 서서본 창 밖의 소나무는 아주 가깝게 느껴져서 훌쩍 뛰어 내려도 될 듯합니다.

몸을 낮춰 침대에 걸터 앉아서 바라보면 앞산의 형태가 들어나면서 소나무는 한 발치

물러나 보입니다.

바닥에 앉아 침대에 턱을 괴고 보면 창밖에 하늘이 반 이상 차지하면서 소나무는 산의

일부가 되어 저만치 물러서 보입니다.


                                            B5 90g/m2 2B 샤프펜슬

Sunday, December 28, 2014

small space in the Ara Artcenter, Insa-dong, Seoul

brush pen, watercolor, A 4

I visited the ARA ARTCENTER located at Insa-dong, Seoul two days ago to see an exhibit of Kim Joon-kwon. It was impressive by lots of print works(180 pieces) and his oil painting(20 pieces). I spent several hours to appreciate and copy some of his works. But the small space seen through large pane glassof the hall caught my eye too. I drew one using brush pen and watercolor. The exhibit will end tomorrow.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

그림 그리는 아이들

열심히 그림그리는 학원 아이들
물감으로 그려봤어요.

Monday, December 15, 2014

sketch at the Seoul Metropolitan Library

readers in sitting in steps, 2nd floor of Seoul Metropolitan Library
pen and watercolor, 19.5 x 22 cm

Days ago I visited the former Seoul city hall which was remodeled as a library two years ago (Oct. 2012). The authoritative appearance of the former city hall seemed familiar by books and reading people. I'd like to visit there often for sketching or reading too. It's great pleasure for citizen to have such a nice space. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

나의 공간

내가 그림 그리고 컴퓨터를 하는 공간을 소개한다.

테이블이 하나여서 컴퓨터를 이리저리 옮기게 되서 

거실에 있는 작은 테이블을 옮겨 왔고

의자도 하나더 옮겨와서  편안해졌다.

어제 책꽂이를 정리해서 필요 없는 것은 버리고

내용별로 정리 해보았다.

그래도 아직은 잡동사니가 많다.

B5 90g/m2 2B 샤프펜슬



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

some sketches at Bukchon Hanok Village, Jongno-gu,Seoul

 By Lee Yong-hwan in Seoul, Korea

a scenery of Bukchon Hanok Village at Gahoe-dong, pen and watercolor 

 another sketch of Bukchon Hanok Village at Gahoe-dong, pen and watercolor

 the front view of Gahoe-dong Catholic Church (가회동 성당), pen and watercolor

Gahoe-dong Catholic Church, pen and watercolor

Anguk Zen Center (안국선원), pen and watercolor

Andong Presbyterian Church (안동교회), pen and watercolor

Constitutional Court of Korea (헌법재판소), pen and watercolor, 18 x 29.6cm

a construction materials shop (건재상), pen and watercolor

a cafe building (Wood & Brick 나무와 벽돌), pen and watercolor

a scenery of Gye-dong (계동) around Hyndai Motor Company (현대 사옥),  
pen and watercolor
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌 한옥마을) has been a traditional residential district for more than 600 years of the history of Seoul. This village is the city's last neighborhood with a high concentration of traditional residences, called Hanok (Korean house). Today, many of these Hanoks reform and operate as cultural centers, galleries, guest houses, restaurants, and tea house, providing an opportunity to experience, learn and immerse in Korean traditional culture. Nevertheless, this historic village is well preserved by Seoul Metropolitan Policy, and lots of traditional Hanoks and new buildings coexist side by side harmoniously.
A few days ago, I enjoyed walking along the interesting street of Bukchon Village and sketching the colorful buidings and streetscapes.
북촌 한옥마을은 서울의 역사와 더불어 삶의 향기를 담아 온 아담하고 포근한 동네입니다.
잘 보존된 한옥들과 함께 어울리는 멋스런 현대식 건물이 자연을 배경으로 조화를 이루고
전통 주거생활과 예술과 웰빙 산책을 곁들인 문화 관광 명소로 자리잡아 갑니다.
옛 집들과 길들을 흐트리지않고 잘 가꾸어 작으면서도 다채로운 모습 으로 형성된 아름다운 북촌은 스케쳐들에겐 다양하고 무궁무진한 소재를 품고 있는 보물창고와도 같은 곳입니다.