Sunday, January 29, 2012


                                                                     Size : B4 ..only ink pen
                                                        wife's brother  two-story store at samshenpo
                                                                           by park ji woong

someday .. three props

Size  : A4  .  only  ink pen
by park ji woong

Thursday, January 26, 2012

sketches around Children's Grand Park, Neung-dong, Seoul

at amusement park of Children's Grand Park
cactus inside the botanical garden of the park

people were taking photos at botanical garden of Children's Grand Park

sketch of the inside scenery of the cafeteria after having lunch at Sejong University

at the A/S center near the park
Because I had to wait for a while I sketched and washed on the sofa. 
A 4, Fabriano, 56 lbs

The weather was finer than the previous days though snow still remained here and there. After dropping in the framing shop near the park I went in and sketched some. On the way coming home I needed phone repair at the A/S center near the park. Sketching made me not feel tired of waiting. So I thank for the moments rather.

A beauty salon


at Aladdin secondhand bookstore, Jongno-2-ga, Seoul

18 x 26 cm

Last tuesday I found a nice secondhand bookstore at Jongno-2-ga, downtown street of Seoul. It located in basement near the corner of Jongno-2-ga crossing. Different from that we've known about secondhand bookstores it looked as same as big bookstores filled with new books. The interior was comfortable for visitors to sit on steps set near the entrance resting a while or reading books. I could see kids reading books on steps freely. There I sketched the above one using watercolor with pleasure.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

SketchCrawl at Yakhyeon Catholic Church, Jungrim-dong

the bell tower of the church, pen and watercolor, 25 x 35.3cm 

facade of the church beyond the hill, pen and watercolor, 25 x 35.3cm 

viewed from the rear side, pencil and watercolor, 29.7 x 42cm

the reverential scene inside the church, pen and watercolor, 25 x 35.3cm 

Seosomun martyrs' memorial hall, pen and watercolor, 25 x 35.3cm
The first catholic church built in Korea, Yakhyeon Catholic Church is an early example of Gothic architecture of the 19th century.The brickwork of Yakhyeon Catholic Church is renowned for its architectural beauty. On the occasion of the 34 Worldwide SketchCrawl we sketchers met in the precincts of the church and enjoyed sketching in and out of the historied church building all day long.
Thanks all the participants for a nice day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

#34 Worldwide SketchCrawl at Yakhyeon Catholic Church(약현 성당)

inside the church office where the successive priests' photos were hung
and on left wall were the holy statues were in showcase for selling
35.5 x 24.5 cm

Brown Stone complex building across the church

holy statues in showcase for selling

inside the church

right side of the church

KH Lee and KW Jung at lounge for believers & visitors

Yakhyeon Catholic Church(Jungrim-dong Catholic Church)

YH Lee

The following sketches were drawn by Lee Kyu-hwang.

A 4(21 x 29.7 cm)

21 x 57 cm

The church found on 1892 as the first catholic church building in Korea locates at Jungrim-dong, Jung-ku. The church building was burnt by arson attack on February 1998. Renovation was completed on September 1999. 

In the morning it rained a little and cloudy. We went inside the office building where we could see the church through a big pane glass at the comfortable lounge. What a lucky day it was inspite of bad weather! We used the space freely. After sketching some we went inside the church building and did one for each. Every time we sketch despite of all bad conditions we get some valuable things which we never imagined before we begin. We enjoyed all the calm mood of the church and even the weather too. Thank you all!

Yakhyeon Catholic Church

Thursday, January 19, 2012

at Hongje-dong crossroad

The lower overbridge over which Naebu Circuit Road runs will be removed within 15 days, the villagers said. I tried to capture the feature of the crossroad. Villagers felt sorry about the removal anyhow because the bridge was accustomed to their lives for years.

The opposite building, Yujin Shopping arcade, was cut years ago on top stories for the Naebu Circuit Road to be able to run over the shopping arcade. People felt it very marvelous to cut a large building horizontally.

It rained a little. I sketched the northward feature under the overbridge. The mountain back is Ahnsan.
25 x 35.5 cm

I carried a small carrier for buying foodstuffs at Inwang market and used it as an easel.
It was wonderful.

Monday, January 16, 2012

at Cheongryangri Market ahead of Lunar New Year's Day

13 x 19 cm sketchbook

I went to Cheongryangri Market located at Dongdaemun-ku to buy some groceries. I walked from Kyeongdong oriental medicine market to feel the all the bustling of big markets. Roads were so filled with customers who came to buy foodstuffs for Lunar New Year holidays that it was hard to pass easily without touching other's shoulders. Policemen were there for helping traffic regulation.  Korean people cherish ancestors with foods and memorial service. During sketching these one man addressed me. He told about that his uncle was the famous artist in Korea, "Oh Ji-ho".  He told that his father was good at art too. Sketching presented an unexpected communication in such a crowded market.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

some sketches around Seoul Station

a scenery around Former Seoul Station Art Complex, pen and watercolor. 21 x 29.5cm 

distant view from Seoul Station, ball-point pen, 21 x 29.5cm

at concourse inside the Station building, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.5cm

the buildings opposite across the street, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.5cm

around the railroad station above overpass, pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.5cm
Yesterday I sketched around Seoul Station where I've drawn many times. Seoul Station and the surroundings form an exquisite harmony between the old and new buildings. The more I draw on the same spot, the more I find a new angle.