Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Sketching at Ewha University 27/05/2017 スケッチ

First sketching at Ewha University  with Seoul urban sktechers
It was my  first time to go outside to draw urban sketching.
I should've cheked the building's name but I totally forgot because  of that I was a little bit nervous.
It was an old and beautiful small building with a chimney on the narrow street at Ewha University.
People were very kind and they encouraged me a lot.
今回はEWha 大学でスケッチすることになりました。
このビルの名前はわかりませんがEwha 大学の中であるごちんまリとした古風な建物でした。
좁은 골목 벽에 기대어  바라본 굴뚝이 있는 작고 오래된 유럽풍 건물
아름다운 이대 캠퍼스는 사람들로 붐볐습니다.
기분 좋은 하루였습니다.

First sketchwalk with Usk Seoul

There couldn't have been a better venue in Seoul to start sketching with the urban sketchers! Last Saturday on a bright sunny morning we gathered at the Ewha Womans University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, that has been around since 1886. The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the campus was the large number of tourists as well as locals ambling leisurely on its sprawling green grounds. A lot of them were taking pictures, some were relaxing on benches and others were cooling off under a tree with iced coffee. 

After saying hello to the group and receiving a very warm welcome in return, I along with a few others sketchers went scouting for location. Turns out, the university isn't just a historical landmark and a must-see sight on the guidebook, it is also a delightful place to spend hours sketching and painting.

Only a short walk from the ECC (Ewha Campus Complex) building brought us to this charming stone Gothic structure nestled in greenery. The sky was a cool blue and except the sound of breeze rustling through the leaves and chirping of birds, it was really quiet. It took me about 40 mins to finish the line work using a dip pen and ink. I coloured the sketch later as I had to rush off but not without the desire to come back again. 

즐거운 시간이었습니다. 다음 달에 뵙겠습니다~~

It was great experience. See you next month~

Monday, May 29, 2017

sketches at Ewha Womans University campus

ECC(Ewha Campus Complex) building and open square

Main Hall and annex building
pen and watercolor (36 x 51cm, watercolor paper).
Ewha Womans University is one of the most favorite places for urban sketching in Seoul. I've sketched the charming campus for a long time, which has a good combination of the old and new buildings harmoniously.
Last Saturday, the weather was so fine, I painted with watercolors around ECC( Ewha Campus Complex) with Seoul urban sketchers including Somali Roy, William Brearley, and many new comers. It was a very pleasant sketch time in the beautiful campus.
근대화의 역사와 더불어 온 아기자기한 이화 캠퍼스~
전통방식의 석조 캠퍼스 건축과 초현대식 건축의 하모니..
사이사이로 신구 조화를 이루는 절충식 건축과 숲속의 정경들.
아담한 교정에서 느껴지는 모든 장면들은 주변 도시풍물과 어우러져
무한한 스케치 소재가 넘치는~~ 항상 새로운 장소같이 느껴집니다.

May 29.2017

We arrived to Ewha Womans University at the morning. Sun shined with sky of May.
I did a sketch of campus sketches with over twenty sketchers.
The old buildings and the trees were beautiful places.
It was nice to draw pictures on the last wall to see their individual sketches. I already look forward next month.

   Last saturday, I attended Seoul Urban Sketcher helding in Ewha Womans University
   Many peoper gathered and new faces were seen.
   Ewha was established a long time ago so, there were a lot of old stone buildings
   especially the big trees that weremore than 100 years were very impressive.
   Sometimes the buildings were hidden from the trees, it's possible to drawing because
   it was  symmetrical.
   It's worth day and so great to see members again.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

이화여자대학교 묵상실

본관 3층의 묵상실은 그때 그대로 있어서 다행입니다.
한발을 내딛으니 마루의 삐걱거리는 소리가 그때 기분을 불러 일으킵니다.
대학시절 가끔 혼자 가보았던 곳입니다.
조용하고 아득하여 마음이 침작해지고 나를 바라보게 하는 요즘말로 힐링장소 였습니다.
오늘은 스케치를 하면서 자세히 보니 우아하고 섬세한 디자인이 아름답습니다.

학관은 인문대학이면서 신입생 교양필수 과목을 수강하는 강의동입니다.
경사면에 ㄱ자 평면으로 한측면에 그리스 신전의 박공모양을 하고 있습니다.

27/05/2017 Urban Sketch(Seoul) Sketch at Ewha Womans University campus

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Sketching meetup at the Ewha Womans University

steps inside the ECC, pencil, watercolor, 24 x 32 cm

food mall inside the ECC, pencil, watercolor, 24 x 32 cm

Yi Ji Hyun showing  her group exhibit work book she participated in

Kwak Yun Hwan taking photos

On a beautiful May day twenty sketchers gathered at the university founded in 1886. I think the campus is more beautiful in May than any other seasons. Today many new comers joined. We welcomed them! Materials and size of papers were different each. And the results were noticeable out of various views. Sharing and encouraging will bring us to the next sketching spot again. 
Participants : Lee Yong Hwan, Yun Young Sook, Andy Oh, John Lee, Yi Ji Hyun, William Brearley, Han Jung Sun, Kim Hae Won, Jung Young Kyeong, Yoo Byung Hwa and new comers : Kang Eun Jong, Lee Hyun Sook, Somali Roy, Song Yang Ae, Park Dong Min, Kwak Yun Hwan, Cho Myung Ju, An Jong Won, Kim Doo Mahn, Kim Jae Jin.

Thank you so much and hope to see you all next month! 

화창한 5월을 보내며 아름다운 이화여대 교정을 그려보았습니다. 많은 분들의 참여로 다양함의 나눔이 한결 더했습니다. 자유로이 원하는 그림을 그리는 즐거움이 시간을 잊게 하는 듯합니다. 새로이 오신 분들을 환영하며 앞으로 자주 뵙기를 바랍니다. 감사합니다!
(참가자 : 이용환, 윤영숙, 앤디 오, 존 리, 이지현, 윌리엄, 한정선, 김해원, 정영경, 유병화, 강은정, 이현숙, 소말리 로이, 송양애, 박동민, 곽윤환, 조명주, 안종원, 김두만, 김재진)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Family trip 가족여행

On vacation, we always go and stay at the same place, even though the sight is not different, it is a good place to relax.

As children become adults, I think there won't be more opportunity, so it a precious time.
Pictures on mobile phone will be kept for a moment and get erased, so
these drawings are being kept for a long time and I will remember them forever.

휴가때면 늘 머물던 장소였고 둘러본 곳도 비슷해다보니 색다른 곳은 없지만
익숙해서 맘편하고 느긋하게 쉴 수 있어서 좋은 장소입니다.
아이들이 성인이 되어 앞으로 함께 여행할 기회가 많지 않을 것 같아
더 소중하게 느껴지는 순간입니다.
사진은 휴대폰에서 머물다 지워져버리기 쉬워
이렇게 스케치를 해보니 오래 간직되고 기억에 남을 것같습니다.