Monday, October 31, 2016

sketches at Seoseoul Lake Park (서서울 호수공원)

entrance of the park

Recycle Garden (재생정원)

panoramic view of the park

Culture Deck Plaza (문화데크 광장) on the side of Central Lake

Visitor Center building (관리사무소)

pergola in the sky garden(하늘정원) decorated with remains of the old plant 

Mondrian Garden(몬드리안 정원), modeled on the abstract artist Mondrian's 
composition techniques 

open garden remodeled of the old plant 
( pen and watercolor, 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Few days ago, I visited Seoseoul Lake Park located in Sinwol-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. In October 2009, the park was opened after the Sinwol Water Purification Plant, was remodeled into an eco-friendly park involving the theme of water and regeneration. The plant was transformed under the themes of “water” and “recycling” and reused some of the existing piping and filtering tanks. When making the park, the designers recycled many materials from the old water plant facilities, particularly the water pipes. 
The park entrance signpost, bicycle racks, benches on hiking trails, and sculptures in the grass area were all made with recycled material from water pipes. 
I was impressed by the exquisite harmony of the park's natural and artificial grafting.
It was a fine autumn day, I enjoyed  strolling along the Central Lake and sketching various scenes in and outside the garden facilities.
아름다운 호수가 있는 서서울 호수공원~~
낡은 신월정수장을 '물'과 '재생'을 테마로 한 시민의 쉼터로
웰빙과 스포츠, 호숫가의 문화데크와 수생식물, 
벽천과 소리분수, 몬드리안 정원과 재생정원.....
자연과 인공을 절묘하게 조화시킨 독특한 테마공원입니다. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sketch meetup on November 5th, 2016


지난 토요일의 스케치 모임에 참석하신 윌리엄과 함께 스케치하는 기회를 마련했습니다. 시일이 촉박한 듯합니다만 점점 추워지는 날씨인지라 이른 날짜로 정했습니다. 
누구나 당일 오셔서 참여할 수 있으며 도구는 각자 사용하는 것을 가져오시면 됩니다. 관심있는 분들의 많은 참여 기다립니다.

날짜 : 2016년 11월 5일, 토요일
장소 : 인사동 쌈지길과 주변 
만나는 장소 : 오전 10시 30분, 인사아트센터 5층 테라스
점심 시간 : 12시 30분, 주변 식당
마침 장소 : 오후 3시 30분, 쌈지길빌딩 옥상 

We'd like to have a good chance to sketch with William again at Insa-dong on November 5th . The meeting place is 5th floor terrace of Insa Art Center. We'll start from 10:30 am. After having lunch on 12:30 pm we'll continue sketching. And we have an on-the-spot show at the rooftop of Ssamziegil building on 3:30 pm. 
Hope anybody who has interest in sketching to join us!
See you soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

평화를 얻는 명동성당

           친구 정숙이의 초대로 명동성당 어반스케치에 처음 입문~~ㅎ
           위그림 상단에 예쁜여자 그림이 나의 모습이다
           친구가 그린 그림속에 나는 평화롭게 느껴졌다.
          하긴 복잡한 명동 거리에 이렇게 조용한 곳이 있다니
          행복하고 즐거운 토요일 오후를 보냈다.  

 오후에 부족한 솜씨로 그린그림이지만
평화를 상징하는 명동성당 기도하는 장소는
내마음에 들었다
그림을 그리며 평화를 주소서 조용히
함께 기도하며 그림을 그렸다.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl at Myeong-dong

No smoking, Pen and watercolor 

Myeong-dong Cathedral, Pen and watercolor 

My friend Kieun, Pen and watercolor

William, iPhone

Seoul Urban Sketchers, iPhone

These are my first urban sketches! I was 30 minutes late and felt little bit nervous when I saw other people already started to draw. But few minutes later, I realized I never concern whether other peoples are looking at me or not.  I really enjoyed freedom among many pedestrians in Myungdong streets in the afternoon.


지난주 토요일 처음으로 어반 스케치 모임에 합류한 이지현입니다. 이렇게 자유로운 분위기 속에서 그림을 그려본 게 초등학교 사생대회 이후로 처음인 것 같습니다. 사람이 가득한 명동 한복판에서 다른 사람들의 시선은 신경 쓰지 않고 그림을 그리다 보니 갑자기 일상에서 튕겨져 나온 듯 자유롭다라는 생각이 들었습니다.  늦었지만 어디에서든 미술을 제대로 배우고 싶어 여기저기 찾아 다녔는데, 이제 보니 나의 열정과 많은 연습이 더 중요하다는 생각이 들었습니다. 1월에 또 뵙겠습니다.

Monday, October 24, 2016

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl at Myeong-dong

Royal Hotel (로얄호텔) and the surroundings, pen and watercolor

Young Plaza(영플라자), Lotte Department Avenuel and the surroundings, 
pen and watercolor

Korean National Commission for UNESCO (유네스코 회관) building, 
pen and watercolor

Baerongnamu Cafe (배롱나무 카페), pen and watercolor

outside of the Baerongnamu Cafe connected to the rooftop garden, 
pen and watercolor 

back garden of the Myeong-dong Cathedral (명동성당), 
pen and pastel

altar of the cathedral viewed from the back garden, pencil
( 21 x 29.6 cm sketchbook )
Last Saturday, for the 53rd World Wide SketchCrawl, we Seoul sketchers gathered around Myeong-dong which is one of the most famous tourist attractions. We met and sketched at the Baerongnamu Cafe on the 12th floor, rooftop garden of UNESCO House building. After lunch, we moved and sketched freely here and there near Myeong-dong Cathedral.
I sketched some colorful sceneries around the cafe and the fascinating Myeong-dong street. It was such a nice autumn day!
청명한 가을하늘 아래... 밝은 마을 명동이 활짝 열리면
크고 작은 다채로운 빌딩과 휘황찬란한 색상이 뒤섞여
낮에는 햇살따라 밤에는 조명따라 변해가는 모습과
실핏줄같이 얽힌 골목에서 쏟아지고 흩어지는 인파의 물결
낭만과 유행, 소음과 경건함이 얽힌 도심의 오케스트라~ 
명동은 언제 보아도 살아있는 스케치 천국입니다.

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl

By Kim Yeon-jae

Thank you!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl, Myeong-dong

Myeong-dong cathedral with Namsan Tower in the background. This was my first experience drawing with fellow urban sketchers and I highly enjoyed it. 

A view of the Chinese school in Myeong-dong. We started the day at a beautiful rooftop cafe that had many great views over the nearby shopping distract.

Everyone collected their work together at the end of a great day. We were really lucky with the weather and there was plenty of inspiration around. I would highly recommend coming along for the next SketchCrawl Seoul.

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl, Myeong-dong

By Yun Hyang-ran

어제 새로 오신 윤향란님의 스케치입니다.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

#53rd World Wide SketchCrawl at Myeong-dong

four nuns at the Baerongnamu cafe 

broom and bride taking photos at the Myeongdong Cathedral yard

Myeongdong cathedral

bazaar for sharing love held in cathedral

back feature of cathedral

musician playing in Myeongdong street

William sketching at the rooftop garden of UNESCO House

JS Lee sketching in front of cafe

sketch of JH Yi 

It was very fine neither hot as of last summer nor cold or windy. 10 sketchers gathered including five new comers. We started at the Baerongnamu Cafe located at the 12th rooftop garden of Korean National Commission for UNESCO(유네스코한국위원회). Myeong-dong is one of the most frequented downtown in Seoul where lots of tourists visit to see and experience lively mood of Seoul. There the building stands in the busiest street. But the rooftop garden has somewhat different atmosphere by seemingly natural feature though it was artificially cultivated. Nobody would imagine how the machine room was changed into such a nice space. 
After having lunch we kept sketching here and there. On the way to the cathedral I found a big bazaar was held at the ground of cathedral. People were busy to see and buy goods. I sketched two seated on chair comfortably. Because the church is beautiful and historical it's loved by newly wedding couple for taking photos. While drawing the church a couple was posing by the order of photographer. I captured them too.
At 3:30 we met at the backyard to see our works. Sharing and appreciating was there.

Participants : Lee Yong-hwan, Yun Young-sook, Lee Joung-sook, Kim Yeon-jae, Yoo Byung-hwa, new comers - William, Yun Hyang-ran, Park Ha-young, Park Hyoun-sook, Yi Ji-hyun. 

Thank you all!

오늘 날씨가 매우 좋았어요. 좋은 계절에 좋은 공간에서 그림 시작을 하고 멋진 곳에서 마침을 하였구요. 새로 오신 윌리엄님, 윤향란, 박하영님, 이지현님, 박현숙님도 반가왔습니다. 앞으로 자주 참여해주시기 바랍니다. 참여하신 분들 모두 감사드립니다. 

다음 54차 월드 와이드 스케치크롤은 내년 1월 28일입니다. 장소는 따로 공지하겠습니다.
추워지는 날씨에 건강히 지내시고 스케치 많이 하시기 바랍니다. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

53rd World Wide SketchCrawl 모임 안내

안녕하세요! 이제 가을이 왔습니다. 지난 8월 전시회를 열었던 명동유네스코회관 12층 옥상정원에서 오는 10월 22일 토요일에 53차 월드 와이드 스케치크롤 모임을 가지려고 합니다. 오전에는 옥상정원과 주변의 풍경을 스케치한 후 점심식사(12:30 pm)후 명동 거리를 스케치하고 감상회는 오루 3시 30분에 명동 성당 뒷마당에서 열기로 합니다. 관심있는 분들의 많은 참석 바랍니다.

Date : October 22, 2016, 10:30 am ~ 3:30 pm
Place : 12th fl (rooftop garden, Baerongnamu Cafe) in Korean National Commission for UNESCO (유네스코한국위원회) located at Myeong-dong

We will have a sketching meetup at Myeong-dong, Seoul on Oct. 22, 2016.
We meet and sketch at the 12th floor, rooftop garden of UNESCO House building(유네스코 회관) from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm.
After having lunch together at the restaurant near the building and will continue sketching around the Myeong-dong street.
Around 3:30 we meet and see the works done by participants at the back yard of Myeongdong

See you there!