Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sketches at Jogyesa

Women who were wearing colorful Korean clothing for the parade celebrating the birth of Buddha by BH Yoo, A 4

Foreground scenery of the temple, Jogyesa, Jongno by BH Yoo, A 4

pen sketch of the foreground by Lee Yong Hwan, A 4

portrait sketch of Henry Aansten from Los Angeles 
By Lee Yong Hwan, pencil, A 4

Sketcher and model

YH Lee

Yesterday YH Lee and I visited the temple, Jogyesa to look around the beautiful scenery and a parade for the Buddha's birthday, May 3rd(April 8th in lunar calendar). All the ground was busy with visitors and believers preparing the street parade. We were excited together though we didn't walk in that parade. While sketching some I could see a couple of American man and Korean woman who left soon to the temple for praying(I guessed). The man looked like the actor "Richard Gear". Nobody would deny that as you can see in the photos. YH Lee agreed. I began to talk with him. He arrived at the day before yesterday. Sharing some talks we asked whether he would leave soon or not for the chance to draw him. He was pleased with the suggestion. While YH was sketching him in pencil roughly I kept talking with him. Some minutes later YH showed the drawing to him. Receiving the present he said "Wow, it looks better than I!" He liked and we took some photos. Though the time was short we could share the nice moment through sketching on the spot.

어제 저녁시간에 조계사에 가봤어요. 부처님 오신날 기념 시가 행진은 참여하지 못하더라도 리허설이라도 보며 스케치라도 했으면 했습니다. 조계사에서 운영하는 '승소'에서 맛있는 국수를 먹고 가니 이미 행진 준비가 거의 완료되어 스케치는 많이 못하였어요. 
그런데 옆에 앉은 외국인이 리차드 기어와 많이 닮아서 아니 그리고는 후회할 듯하여 이런 저런 인사와 더불어 시간있으면 스케치 좀 할 수 있느냐고 하니 쑥스러워하면서도 흔쾌히 허락을 해주셔서 이용환 샘께서 그릴 수 있었어요. 선물로 드리니 좋아하셨어요. 지나가는 분들도 다들 '리차드 기어'같다고 이구동성이셨구요. 짧았지만 즐거운 시간이었습니다.

Friday, April 28, 2017



   The day before yesterday,  I went to the Sejong culture center for sketching with my friend.   The weather was so clear and not cloud in the sky
   Flowers are fully blooming and trees boast their green leaves.
  As usual Gwang hwamum was crowded with people,protesters,    workers, and people who involved in the election.
   I sketched buildings sit down on the stairs of the Sejong center, and
  after lunch, it was a little hot, I entered Samsung service plaza and           drew the scenery out of the window.
   It was interesting and meaning day~~


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Take me to Gwanghwamun, go out for the sketches., protesting, tourists and passers-by crowded Friday with travelers leaving.This is think that as a symbolic place in Korea life was spared....
I went to the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts.
I drew  a lot of people more  than many buildings.
This is a short break from the cleaners.
One spring day, I'd like to remember  a moment 's worth of time.

May sketching meetup

Place : Ewha Womans University
Date : May 27th, 2017 from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm
Meeting Spot : Food Court in ECC Building near the main entrance of the univ. accessible from the Ewha Univ. subway station (subway no. 2)

지난 55차 월드 와이드 스케치크롤에 참석하신 분들의 뜻을 모아 월 1회의 스케치 모임을 계속하기로 했습니다. 다음 달 이화여대에서 갖는 모임에 관심있는 분들의 자유로운 참석을 바랍니다. 회비는 없으며 사용하실 도구 지참하고 오셔서 아름다운 교정에서 만나 뵙기 바랍니다.

More sketches at Buam-dong

pencil, watercolor, 30.5 x 40.5 cm

conte, pastels, 30.5 x 40.5 cm

pen, watercolor, 39 x 27 cm

These are the drawings I'd done days before the sketchcrawl day, April 22nd. I surveyed there several times for the meetup. And I drew some every time. There were so many places which caught my eyes. Most of the sketchers who visited there agreed and wanted to sketch them again. I felt sorry that we couldn't visit the Baeksasil village which keeps the original scenery of countryside. We may have chance to capture all those beautiful scenes next time. 

부암동은 가까이 살면서도 늘 스쳐지나갔던 아름다운 마을입니다. 이번 기회에 스케치를 할 수 있어 숙제를 한듯한 느낌입니다. 아직 해야할 숙제가 많기는 하지만요. 욕심내지 말고 천천히 한장씩 그려보려고 합니다. 늘 함께 해주시는 스케쳐 여러분들께 감사드립니다.

Monday, April 24, 2017

55th World Wide SketchCrawl at Buam-dong (부암동)

Changuimun Gate (창의문)

Mugyewon 무계원 (Former Ojinam 오진암)

the front view of Jahamun Tunnel (자하문 터널)

the panoramic view of Buam-dong village

Seoul Museum (서울미술관)

Buam-dong street scene viewed from Seoul Museum
(26 x 37cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor)
Last Saturday, it was fine to sketch outdoors. For the 55th World Wide SketchCrawl, we Seoul urban sketchers met at Buam-dong, Jongno-gu in Seoul. Buam-dong is a charming village in central Seoul that was once occupied mostly by artists and writers. 
Today, modern galleries, coffee shops, and restaurants stand side by side with old mills and barber shops on the narrow alleyways. The historic village harmonizes with Bugaksan Mountain and Inwangsan Mountain, and is famous for various tourist attractions.
On the morning of SketchCrawl day, for some unavoidable reasons, I couldn't help joining with sketchers in the afternoon. The day before, I visited for preliminary survey and drew some sketches in advance. I was absorbed in sketching colorful sceneries of important places here and there around Buam-dong village till late in the afternoon. It was very pleasant sketch time in the beautiful village with Seoul usk members.
인왕산 기슭의 아름다운 동네~~
서울 한복판의 전원마을엔 역사의 향기가 감돌고...
예술과 멋과 맛의 흥취를 담고 자연속에 건강함을 선사하는
부암동의 다양하고 재미난 요소들은 스케치 소재로서 일품입니다.

Buam-Dong Sketch Crawl

It was just fantastic weather, and the best day to draw...
I made my mind to be a enthusiastic member!


서울 중심부 바로 뒤편에 알록 달록 꽃동산이 펼쳐졌습니다.
인왕산과 북악산 사이에 옛스러움을 고스란히 간직한 마을 입니다.
높은 바위와 성곽이 자리잡고 있는 아래에 산 비탈에 맞춰서 지은 집과 언덕의 나무들이 멋지게 어울려 있습니다.
돌계단과 집들이 옹기 종기 마주보고 있는 모습이 정겹습니다.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

55th World Wide SketchCrawl

How are you everyone ?
I am so lucky to join 55th World Wide SketchCrawl.
Buam-dong is one of my favorite sketching place.
It has old things and new ones at the same time, besides, not far from my house.
Yesterday, so many people visited Buam-dong, because it was weekend and so lovely day.
A little crowded but so energetic.
Several years ago, I was a Seoul urban sketcher member, but I couldn't to attend the meeting
because of personal reasons. It's been a long time to join the meeting.
I'll try again from now on Very thank you for all attending members
and I hope to see you next meeting!

It was a happy time to watch the old mill in buam, warm spring days.
I was amazed to see the old mill in Seoul.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

55th World Wide SketchCrawl

2017.4.22 (토) 서울 종로구 부암동에서
따스한 봄볕을 맞으며 스케치를 했다.

55th World Wide SketchCrawl

Women were choosing a jar. By BH Yoo

By John Lee

By John Lee

By Min Jeong Sook

By Choi Jong Suk

By Kim Hae Won

It was a fine day though hot under the sun. Some were old pals and some were new. The Buam-dong is one of the oldest village in Seoul with beautiful mountains such as Inwangsan, Bugaksan and Bughansan. It is not far from the Blue House and Gyeongbokgung(palace). Seoul fortress walls are surrounding. We can walk along the wall looking down the villages. Lots of citizens and tourists visit the wall. Small coffee shops and restaurants are located along the small alleys. Sketchers enjoyed all day drawing sights here and there while some were sharing talks under the parasols having tea. Life is long; we don't need to hurry to capture all at one time. We gather and draw what we observe and share all about we dream living together. 
Much thanks for all : Min Jeong Sook, Choi Jong Suk, Andy Oh, John Lee, Han Jung Sun, Kim Hae Won, Baik Kyung Won, Jung Young Kyeong, Han Mi Young, Choi Sung Ye, Joung Young Hee, Yi Ji Hyun, Kang Eun Young Eunice, Lee Yong Hwan, BH Yoo. 
Hope to see you next month! 

55th World Wide SketchCrawl page 를 방문하시고 지구촌 스케쳐들의 작품을 감상하시기 바랍니다. 

오늘 좋은 날씨에 많은 분들이 참여해주셔서 감사했습니다. 스케치가 많이 알려져서 간단한 도구로 커다란 즐거움을 얻는 기회를 나누는 듯합니다. 오랜만에 만난 분들과 나누는 그림 이야기도 소중하여 많은 그림 그리려는 조급함을 잠시 내려놓았던 하루였습니다. 그림을 매개로 하여 처음으로 만나는 분들과의 인연이 오래도록 이어지기를 바랍니다.