Wednesday, February 29, 2012

at my village

The house at Gugi-dong, which I used to draw just before I got on the shuttle bus,
pencil & watercolor, 30.5 x 22.9 cm

Today I left my house 30 minutes earlier than usual in order to sketch with watercolors. It took less than 40 minutes. The sunlit orange color and white walls are always attractive.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Angel In Us" coffeeshop nearby Gunguk University, Seoul

pen, A 4
I went to coffee shop 'Angel In Us' around Gunguk University. While waiting for friends to come, I sketched the inside scenery of the cafe. After they came in I showed this sketch they said 'marvelous!'. Participating in sketching I became to spend the little time effectively.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

on a warm day at Jongno Culture & Gym and Cheongryangri Market

at the side entrance of the Jongno Culture and Gym, charcoal, A 4
I could capture a new scenery which I've used to pass by.

The blue building located near the Sejongno Catholic Church had been catching my eyes always whenever I had passed it. The composition at the bottom of which Korean traditional house remained out of redevelopment of the area looked different from the usual spots where I'd sketched before. I drew this one in front of the main gate of Sajig Park, Sajig-dong, Jongno-ku, Seoul.

On the way going to Cheongryangri market I sketched the woman at bus. She offered her seat to an old woman. How kind she was!

I took a seat at the market, so capture would never be possible. 
Always bustling, being crowded, lively.........

He was cutting the half-dried pollack to his customer.

I drew one more being caught by the sunlit scenery full of energy.
How convenient was it to use soft pastels and charcoal instead of watercolors!
I love both the material and the scenery.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

at Myungmul Street of Sinchon near Yonsei University, Seoul

pen, A 4
KH Lee said : I had a promise to meet friends at Starbucks in Myungmul Street in the afternoon. While waiting for them to arrive at I started to sketch the scenery seen through the window. I found that it was a useful time to sketch something even for a while. Rather I feared them to come earlier before I finished. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

some sketches at POSCO Center building, Seoul

overall view of  POSCO Center building, 24.5 x 35cm

scenery of elevator hall, 2nd floor level, 21 x 29.6cm

Steel Gallery, exhibition hall, 21 x 29.6cm

Aquarium at POSCO Center building, 21 x 29.6cm

  scenery of filming of  MBC TV drama,  21 x 29.6cm

two photographers for POSCO concert, 21 x 29.6cm
Yesterday, despite the cold weather we had a good sketch time with plenty of subject than I had expected. POSCO Center, a landmark in the heart of southern Seoul's Teheran Valley high-tech venture corridor also hosts a wide variety of free cultural programs, events, and exhibitions throughout the year. I sketched in and out, here and there, seeking for the various subjects. It was a pleasing day all together!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

At POSCO Center

                                             size : A4   ink pen &marker
                                                    by park ji woong

at POSCO Center Building, Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

engineers for the sound effects & lighting

Video Art Works of Baek Nam Jun at the entrance Hall

Frank Stella's work(Legendary Island of Iron In the Indian Ocean, 11 x 5M, 1997) 
on 2nd floor wall

fish sketch at aquarium

a photographer for concert

violinists waiting for rehearsal

rehearsal scenes for the concert

photographer in front of aquarium

scene of filming of TV drama

Dongbu Building seen from the 2nd floor of POSCO Center Building

When we arrived at the building at 10 : 30 am, we found that POSCO CENTER CONCERT would be held at 6 pm.  It's said that POSCO has been offering various kinds of concerts once a month for people. It's interesting that the ticket is free and given out on the lottery system at internet.  At the stage of entrance lobby and the 2nd floor all the staffs for the concert were very busy. What a lucky coincidence! In the afternoon, a large group for TV drama location came in with lots of equipment. I captured one scene hurriedly. It was very fun to sketch hearing nice songs in rehearsal. Thank you all!

at POSCO Center Building, Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

POSCO Center Building seen across the street at the coffee shop

street scenery around POSCO Center Building from the coffee shop

Aquarium(5M width, 9M height) at POSCO Center Building

pencil, pen, A 4

Thank you all!

At POSCO center

Staffs prepared for POSCO concert at POSCO center,and I enjoyed  rehearsal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

at Omori handmade noodle restaurant, Baekseok, Ilsan city

handmade noodle dish with shellfish soup (바지락 손칼국수)with kimchi

expanding the dough with hands (I sketched in different restaurant before.)

in the process of making noodle from a lump of dough

After finishing the cook arranges the noodles on table.

He boils them when the customers order.

He puts the boiled noodle on a sieve for deleting extra water.

Another cook puts shellfish soup or black soybean sauce on noodle by the orders.
13 x 18.5 cm 

Last Sunday I went to Baekseok, Ilsan city near Seoul for some business. I dropped in Omori noodle restaurant for lunch. After having the dish I looked in the kitchen which located in the corner of the building. Passengers could see the show of making noodle through the pane glass in street. It's interesting to see how the cook makes noodle from a lump of dough. I sketched the process on my small sketchbook. I added the expanding scene from the archive which was sketched a year ago in different restaurant.