Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 year-end sketches around Seoul YMCA Building

I often passed by Seoul YMCA Building(서울 와이 엠 씨 에이) on business affairs. From time to time, I sketched some sceneries around the historic building alongside of Jongno Tower Building(종로 타워 빌딩) which is a famous landmark near Jongno Crossing(종로 네거리). Some pieces posted here are sketched on this December whenever I stopped off at the building once in a while. 
A Happy New Year to all urban sketchers with the Watch-Night bell!

Seoul YMCA Building and Jongno Tower Building, pen and watercolor,

the buildings across the road, pen and watercolor,

a restaurant on the 1st floor in Seoul YMCA Building, pen and watercolor,

at Daiso(다이소)-Jongno2-ga across the road, pen and watercolor,
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
송년을 맞을 때마다 제야의 종소리와 종로 네거리를 떠올리게 됩니다.
2014년은 어반 스케쳐들이 새롭게 비상하는 말(飛馬)의 새해가 되기를 기원합니다.

My little lovely cat and more

This is my first cat. He is very adorable so I can't take my eyes off of him.
He is 3 month-old Korean shorthair. He likes play around the window.
I did a very quick sketch of him and added washes later.

My little lovely cat : pen and watercolor on paper

I recently looked around several galleries. One day I found a very interesting
group at one of famous galleries at Samchung-dong in Seoul.
More than 20 people followed one man from gallery to gallery.
He was a guide for paintings and recent exhibition.
They were art-loving people. They must have paid for this private program.
Here is a painting of them.

Art-loving people : pen and watercolor on paper

The last day of 2013. Myeong-dong. Coffee Bean

명동. 커피빈.
13x21cm.(몰스킨 저널)
피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
2013년 마지막날.
2013년은 저에게 많은 의미를 준 해입니다. 결혼을 했고, 그림을 알게되었고, 어반스케쳐로 활동도 하고, 좋은 분들을 많이 만나게 된 축복받은 한해였습니다. 새해 복 많이 받으세요.

Myeong-dong. Coffee Bean.
13x21cm. (Moleskine Journal)
Pigment pen. Watercolor.
The last day of 2013.
2013 gave me the means of many. Married, you know the picture was also an active urban sketcher, and I met a lot of good people was a blessed year. Happy New Year.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Myeong-dong. Concierge.

명동. 컨시어지.
13x21cm.(몰스킨 저널)
피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
명동 컨시어지에서 신제품홍보 행사 진행했습니다. 춥지는 않았는데, 구경하는 손님은 별로 없었어요.
Myeong-dong. Concierge.
13x21cm. (Moleskine Journal).
Pigment pen. Watercolor.
New promotion from Myeongdong proceeded concierge. The cold did not, there's not much guests Spectator.

sledding on frozen pond, Children's Grand Park, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

pen and watercolor, A 4

Pond inside the park was frozen. Ice rink was open to public for free. Kids and adults were enjoying the sledding under the flags of all nations. It's open from Dec. 24, 2013 to Feb. 2, 2014 as far as the ice keeps frozen. Hope lots of citizens to have fun.

며칠 전 어린이 대공원에 스케치하러 갔다가 길가에 있는 연못자리가 썰매장으로 바뀌어 많은 아이들, 어른들이 썰매를 지치는 것을 보았어요. 동심으로 돌아 가서 어른들도 재미나게 타더군요. 무료라니 많이 이용하면 좋겠어요.

Friday, December 27, 2013

jisanResort ski area(지산리조트)

지산 리조트 스키장.
2H연필.피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
판매처 현황파악하러 갔다가 잠시 스케치 했습니다. 차안에서 그려서 춥지는 않았습니다. 눈이 시원해지는 풍경에 기분 좋은 스케치였습니다.
jisanResort ski area. 14.8x21cm. 2H pencil pigment pen. Watercolor.
Briefly sketched dealer goes to hold status. Cold drawing was not in the car. pleasant landscape sketch eye was refreshed.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

sketches of people at a debate forum(토론회)

A few days ago, Korea Institute of Registered architects(KIRA:대한건축사협회) held a debate forum in Construction Guarantee Building(건설 공제조합 빌딩), located at Nonheyon-dong(논현동),Gangnam-gu(강남구), Seoul. The major focus of debate is "the improvement of the current system in architecture(건축 제도개선)"  which is an our architects' main interest recently. About 2000 architects gathered inside the building despite the cold weather outside. The main auditorium was filled with excitement. I sketched various scenes of people from place to place during the debate. 

at the main auditorium on the 2nd floor, pen and watercolor,

the panel sitting on the platform, pen and watercolor,

at the lounge in front of main auditorium, pen and watercolor,

at the busy lounge, pen and watercolor,
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
세미나, 결혼식 또는 강연회 등 옥내 행사 스케치는  길거리나 광장과는 달리 닫힌 공간 속의 긴장감이 또다른 매력을 불러 옵니다. 야외에서 느낄 수 없는 조명의 분위기~~ 빛과 그림자 속에서 사람들의 움직임들이 실내 스케치의 참 맛을 느끼게 하지요.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

demonstration at the Seoul station plaza

There was a demonstration in the plaza of Seoul station. It was held by chriatians (ministers) asking the present rail strike to be ended. 
pen, pastels, A 4

오늘 서울역 관장에서 철도노조 파업 철회를 요구하는 기독교단체의 시위가 있었어요. 날씨도 찬데 원만한 해결을 바라는 시민들은 발걸음을 멈추고 지켜보았습니다.

Christmas mood

Daelim-dong. Alley.
Pigment pen. Watercolor.
Draw a second alley landscape. I quickly sketch. No bucket to color the water was only a pen.

Shinsegae I & C.  next to the coffee shop. SIDAMO.
Moleskine 13x21cm. 2B pencil. Watercolor. Christmas mood .I hand drip coffee in a coffee shop with a snowman

대림5동. 골목길.
피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
두번째 그려보는 골목길 풍경.
빠르게 스케치 했습니다. 
물통없이 워터펜으로만 채색까지 했습니다.

구로. 신세계I&C 옆 커피숍.
몰스킨 13x21cm.
2B연필. 수채화물감.
크리스마스 분위기가 물씬 나는 핸드드립커피숍에서 눈사람과 함께 커피를

Monday, December 23, 2013

Konkuk University. Art and Culture Center.Jamsil Cathedral.

Konkuk University. Art and Culture Center. 16x20cm. Pigment pen. Watercolor.
Window containing the works of Mondrian tunes building the unique color sketch eyes because it came just go. Really cold. Deoldeoldeol.

Sincheon. Jamsil Cathedral.
14,8 x42cm.
Pigment pen. Watercolor. 
Visible holds the paper in place of the great cathedrals and so fits in there.

건국대학교. 예술문화회관.
피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
몬드리안의 작품을 창문에다 담은것 같은 독특한 색상의 건물이 눈에 들어와 그냥 갈수 없어서 스케치 했습니다. 정말 추웠습니다. 덜덜덜.

신천역. 잠실성당.
피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
눈에 보이는 멋진성당을 종이에 담는곳은 무척이나 힘드네요.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

visiting the exhibition, "개항장 인천의 풍광" (Scenery of Incheon as an Open Port) by Artist Kim Jae Youl (김재열), Incheon

Lee Yong Hwan, Korea-China Cultural Center (한중문화관), Jung-gu, Incheon
pen and watercolor, A 4

Lee Yong Hwan, Incheon Art Platform complex (인천 아트 플랫폼), 
ball point pen and watercolor, A 4

Korea-China cultural center building

Artists, Kim Jae Youl and Lee Yong Hwan at the exhibition hall, 
1st floor of the Korea-China Cultural Center

Old buildings were remodeled as cultural space for arts and culture. 

site map for the Incheon Art Platform complex

Yoo Byung Hwa, Building C at the Incheon Art Platform complex near the Korea-China Cultural Center, pen and watercolor, 19.5 x 27 cm

Yoo Byung Hwa, Korea-China Cultural Center, pen and watercolor, 19.5 x 27 cm

YH Lee and I went to Incheon to see the exhibition of Artist Kim Jae Youl, which was held in Korea-China Cultural center, Jung-gu. We met him and enjoyed his great works. Most of them were about the features of Incheon spanning 120 years. Incheon port was opened on 1883 for the first time in Korea. We liked his recent works too. The exhibit will be on from Dec. 18 -  Dec. 31, 2013. Across the building Incheon Art Platform complex was created. Most buildings had been used as office, factory, or else of private companies previously. But they were transformed into good space for exhibition, education, and performance theater. We visited Modern Architecture Museum located nearby. Historical modern buildings were exhibited as miniatures in the museum. Incheon has lots of treasure as a great sketching place for its historical importance as the open port. Hope that Seoul sketchers go there for sketching them. 

오늘 이용환샘과 인천 한중문화관에서 열리는 김재열선생님의 "개항장 인천의 풍광" 전시회를 보고 왔습니다. 120 여년에 걸친 인천 개항 후의 모습을 담은 역작들을 감상하고 선생님도 만나 뵙고 설명도 들을 수 있어서 좋았습니다. 전시 감상후에 가까이에 있는 근대건축박물관도 방문하고 부근을 스케치하였구요. 늘 가던 인천이지만 새로이 변모된 인천 아트 플랫폼이 인상깊었어요. 차후에 서울 스케쳐들과 함께 방문하여 이곳 저곳을 그려봤으면 싶었습니다.
시간되시면 전시회 방문하시면 좋겠습니다.

Friday, December 20, 2013

four sketches on a very cold day

at the Anglican church of Korea

Namdaemun Gate

X trees on the passage between Lotte Outlets and parking building in Seoul Station

entrance doors in Lotte Outlets, Seoul Station
pen, watercolor, 20 x 27 cm

Today I walked from Gwanghwamun to Seoul Station. On the way I sketched one at the church and one more looking up the Namdaemun gate. Due to the low temperature some parts on paper water were frozen. It looked interesting anyway, which could be seen on winter too. Arriving at the station I made two more. Inside the station was always lively with people. Passengers in streets or in station showed interest in sketches encouraging by comments such as "You have a good hobby." or "You look nice!". Walking the streets I could find more spots where I would sketch later on warm days onwards. 

날씨는 매우 추웠지만 광화문을 지나 서울역으로 걸으며 스케치를 했습니다. 걸으면 확실히 많은 것을 찬찬히 볼 수 있었어요. 날 따뜻하면 저걸 그려야지 하면서 미리 찜해놓기도 하고 혼자 즐거워합니다. 성공회에서 더 추웠나 봅니다. 그림 오른쪽 하단에 얼은 흔적이 있는 것을 보면...영하에서 그리는 재미라고 생각됩니다. 

Yeouido. IFC building.

 여의도. IFC빌딩.
14.8x21cm. 라미만년필. 피그먼트펜. 수채화물감.
쇼핑몰안에 스타벅스에서 내부만 스케치 했습니다.
Yeouido. IFC building.
Lamy fountain pen. Pigment pen. Watercolor.
Starbucks in the mall, but the inside has been sketched.