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[How to be a member of Seoul Urban Sketchers]
1. 먼저 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 '한글 및 영문 성함, 전화번호, 이메일 주소'를 간략한 자기소개와 함께 보내주세요.
2. 모임에 참가하신 후, 그리신 그림을 처음 보내셨던 메일에 회신하시는 형식으로 다시 한번 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 보내주세요. 이후 관리자가 블로그 게시 권한을 드리는 초대장을 발송해 드립니다.
3. 초대장을 수락하신 후, 블로그에 그림을 올려주세요. 혹시 방법을 모르시는 경우 관리자에게 메일이나 전화로 연락하시면 도와 드립니다.

문의 사항은 seoulurbansketchers@gmail.com으로 연락주시기 바랍니다.

[Information]LET'S DRAWING ,JUN 23,2018

Hello you guys.
we're going to have a sketch in this place called 'UNDERSTAND AVENUE' in the Seoul forest.
Let's meet at the outdoor stage on the left side of Understandavenue's entrance in the Seoul forest by 10:30 am and again at the same place at 4:30 pm for sharing the artwork and take photos together.
Let's join with us and have fun. All welcome.
You must follow the rules for sketching.
subway Bundang Line :Seoul forest station 3 Exit (1min)
Line 2 : Ttukseom Station 8 Exid (5min)
Bus : Seoul Forest Station : blue(bus's color) 121 green(bus's color) 2014, 2224, 2413

2018년 6월 23일 어반스케치모임 안내
장소 : 서울숲 언더 스탠드 에비뉴
만나는 곳 : 야외 공연장 무대 근처(언더스탠드 에비뉴 입구들어와서 왼쪽 ) 오전 10시 30분 만남
오전 10시 30분 야외공연장 무대 근처에서 다 같이 모인 후 흩어져 스케칭하고 오후 4시 30분 같은 장소에서 다시 만나서
그림을 공유하고 사진을 찍고 헤어집니다.
누구나 환영합니다.
서울숲 언더스탠드 에비뉴 찾아오는 길 : http://www.understandavenue.com/under/location

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sketches at Cheonggyecheon and Jogyesa by Andy Oh

청계광장의 스프링, 클라스 올덴버그 와 쿠스 반 브루겐 작품
    Spring at cheonggye Squre made by Claes Oldenburg and Coose van Bruggen

조계사 대웅전 앞의 돌사자
    " I am a Stone Lion, protecting the main building of the Temple from evil."

조계사 나무 갤러리 기획전 상주 남장사의 석장승을 노정용이 재현
    Stone totem pole of a temple made by Jeongyong Noh,  Special Exhibitiom at  Namu Gallery of Chogye Temple,

Andy Oh at Jogyesa

날씨도 좋고 사람도 좋은 날이었습니다.
어번스케치에 점점 빠져들것 같군요^^
다음에 뵈어요~~ 

What a nice day it was!  
It was a beautiful autumn day.
I had a feeling to be addicted to Urban Sketch ^^
See you again~~

sketches at Cheonggyecheon and Jogyesa

"Spring" by Claes Oldenberg and Coose Van Bruggen at Cheonggyecheon, pencil, watercolor, A 4

conte, pastels, A 4

visitors, pen, pastels, A 4

tourists, pen, pastels, A 4

green umbrellas with name tags of supporters of Children foundation, conte, pastels, A 4

pagoda at Jogyesa, pen, watercolor, A 4

big tree at Jogyesa, pen, watercolor, A 4

small lotus pond at entrance of Jogyesa, pen, watercolor, A 4

name tag of supporter

YH Lee, Eric Ngan, BH Yoo, HK Chung, Andy Oh from left at Jogyesa

It was a fine day with some breezing. Six sketchers met at the Cheonggyecheon. We greeted each other. As always the long stream was crowded with visitors from inland and overseas. The place may be one of the greatest sketching spots by water, people and high-risen buildings in back ground. We had lunch at chinese restaurant and moved to Jogyesa located at downtown nearby. Sharing and enjoying all the works was on 3:30 pm. YH Lee and I walked Insa street visiting Insa Art Center appreciating some art works and Nagwon Musical instrument arcade and Unhyeongung together. We had supper at Korean dimsum restaurant and watched Eric's producing event video of Chinese Lantern Festival which will be held in New Zealand. We hoped his events to be successful too.
Thanks all the participants : Mona Kwon, Eric Ngan, Chung Hae-kwon, Andy Oh, Lee Yong-hwan, Yoo Byung-hwa.
Yesterday, Sept. 28, YH Lee and I visited Cheonggyecheon for more sketching.

pencil, watercolor, 24 x 32 cm

people enjoying water flowing, pen, watercolor, 24 x 24 cm

Daerim shopping mall locates along the Cheonggyecheon 3-ga, 
pen, watercolor, 24 x 32 cm

Jeon Tae-il statue at Cheonggyecheon bridge, pencil, watercolor, 25 x 25 cm

Walking along the streal to the East gate we sketched scenes. What impressed me was the statue of Jeon Tae-il who burnt himself to death for the laborers' rights. Cheonggyecheon holds endless stories of workers, industries, and devolopment of Korea. His statue made me think about them. Two days' sketching at Cheonggyecheon was not enough to capture all. We should keep for better and more. Thanks!

이번 26일의 스케치모임은 자못 국제적인 행사같았어요. 작년에 메세나 볼리스 스케치에 참석하셨던 정해권님이 추석명절에 다시 참석해주셨고, 메일로 참석의사를 보내신 에릭님, 멀리 미국에서 한국의 도서관에서 일하시는 모나 권님도 두번째로 참석하셨어요. 지난번 정동 모임에 이어 두번째로 참석하신 앤디 오님도 반가왔습니다. 영어 잘하시는 분들로 인해 소통에 아무런 문제가 없어서 편했습니다. 모두들 전부터 알던 분들처럼 익숙하게 스케치하고 모이고 식사하는 편한 분위기여서 더욱 좋았구요. 추석전의 바쁜 일정으로 길게 스케치하지 못했으나 에릭님과 인사동 거리를 걸으며 송편만들기 행사도 참여하는 등 관광한국을 알리는 역할 또한 보람있었어요. 맛있는 만두도 먹으며 하루 일정을 마쳤습니다.
참석하신 분들께 감사드립니다!

sketches at Cheonggyecheon and Jogyesa by Chung Hae-kwon from Texas, USA


Eric Ngan, Chung Hae-kwon, and Andy Oh from left at the Jogyesa(temple)

Sketches by Eric Ngan from New Zealand

scenery with bridges on Cheonggyecheon

"Spring" by Claes Oldenburg and Coose Van Bruggen

sketch at Jogyesa (temple)

Eric Ngan sketching at the temple

Eric Ngan had an experiencing time of making Songpyeon(Korean traditional rice cake on Chuseok-Korean thanksgiving season)

Eric Ngan and Chung Hae-kwon posing at the temple after sketching

having dinner at Korean dimsum restaurant "Koong"