Monday, February 28, 2011

The Seoul Folk Flea Market

main entrance of the Seoul Folk Flea Market

the rear of the Seoul Folk Flea Market

a clothes store

a hat shop

A-frame for carrying things
It was a fine day to sketch for Seoul sketchers. There are variegated necessaries of life, rare objects and many others. Those are certainly interesting subjects.
I drew hard with determination to sketch such a fun market frequently.

At the Seoul Folk Flea Market

Sunday, February 27, 2011


서울에 살면서도 처음 가본 재미난 곳이었습니다. 함께 하신 분들 모두 반갑고 즐거웠습니다.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

at the Seoul Folk Flea Market

HS Song, HI Moon from left

MK Kim

YH Lee

HS Lee

after sketching

Thank you so much!!! See you in front of Kyobo Bookstore of Sin Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-ku, on March 1st, 2011.We'll start sketching from 10:30 am.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Festival Cultural de America Latina

Latin musicians
Professor Park Kil-Yong, Kukmin University

Mr.Diego del Riso from Peru

Scribbling on the paper

Today I attended the lecture meeting on the subject of Latin Culture and architecture. It was helded in KIRA(Korean Institute of Registered Architects)buiding. I drew this and that immediately in the middle of the lecture.
Unfortunately I hadn't a skechbook, I could not help drawing on the back page of the prints.
(Mr.Diego del Riso는 건축가이자 주한 Peru대사의 남편입니다. 강연회가 끝난 후에 이 스케치를 보여 주었더니 너무 좋아하면서 꼭 web site에 올려달라고 했습니다. 한-중남미 교류에 일조한 듯하여 기분 좋습니다.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a piano tuner

Today I went to Nagwon Musical Instruments Arcade located at Nagwon-dong, Seoul for surveying the price of guitar which my son wanted to buy. At the corridor of 2nd floor an old piano tuner was tuning the piano. I started to sketch him. How complicated the inside of the piano was! I asked other piano tuner how the expense for the tuning was. He said it would be 80,000 to 90,000 won.

information for exhibitions

어제 전시 관련 안내 메일을 보냈습니다. 참고하시고 좋은 의견 주시기 바랍니다.
오는 26일에 비가 올거라는 뉴스가 있지만 다행히 실내에서 스케치 할 수 있을 듯합니다.
그날 뵙고 자세한 보고 드리겠습니다.
(I sent informing mails for exhibitions to the participants. It's said that it will rain on 26th, February sketchcrawl. But we may be able to sketch inside the Seoul Folk Flea Market. Hope to discuss more about our exhibitions.)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reminiscence of Changgyeonggung


continuous skyline viewed from Yeongchunheon

open corridor by side of Myeongjeongjeon

Seoul National University Hospital at the opposite side

A few days ago, I dropped in at Changgyeonggung quite by chance and started on a drawing. I have sketched the ancient architectures on the very site two years ago. The memories of my childhood days came back to me while sketching, because my hometown from the age of five is around here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

two mannequins at department store

On the way going to the Woori Bank building located at Hoehyun-dong near a big department store, I dropped in for sketching the interior scenery. I saw these couple of mannequin in corridor of brand-name shops. After finishing I tried to take a photo putting my sketchbook on her lap but failed by the prohibition of the staff. (21 x 29.7 cm, pencil)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some recent drawings

View of Han River from home.
The river froze and melted a bit as the weather got warm.

Reconstruction sight @ Oksu-Dong

Main gate of Deoksu Palace (Deoksugung)

Seoul Sketches in February

An electric train showed in front of the Seoul
Museum of History

Heohyeondong viewed from the Seoul

Myongdong Cathedral

The buildings directly opposite Myongdong

Jeongdong Church

Jungmyeungjeon at Deoksugung Palace

Pyong Hwa Fashion Plaza at Chonggyechon

Dongdaemun Plaza under construction

Old fashioned buildings at Dongdaemun

Mr. Stephen Kopp who is an impassioned painter
The cold of this year is quite unprecedented. I sketched several pieces in the downtown of
Seoul familiar to me with Seoul sketchers. Especially I was impressed by Mr. Stephen Kopp from Australia. Whenever he visit Korea, he joins with us in outdoor sketch.

Sketching with Stephen Kopp (the 3rd)

in front of Seoul City Hall
One man demonstration

at the Anglican church of Korea

at the anglican church of Korea

at the Anglican Church of Korea

Stephen Kopp at the Anglican Church of Korea

Stephen Kopp, Scenery from the Jeongdong First Church

Stephen Kopp, Scenery from the Anglican Church of Korea

Ceremony of changing gate keepers(guards) at Ducksoo Palace

Moon Hyung-in

Jung Kyoung-won

Lee Hyun-sook
* * *
We enjoyed three days' sketching tour with Stephen Kopp in Seoul. In spite of cold weather he showed his energetic passion for painting inspiring us so much. We thank him, his Korean wife Susie and his beautiful daughter for joining us. We hope them to feel satisfied with staying in Korea and look forward to meeting next year again.
Thanks all for participating in! :)