Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sketches at Seochon village by Mun Sang-hee

1. I got to meet Ms. Yoo and Mr.Lee again! But I was a little late,
so I began sketching outside of this restaurant that made Gomtang,
while the others were in the alleyways sketching.

2. Next I went in the alleyway! Beautful hanok buildings! Started
sketchin, but couldn't sketch for long, because the construction
workers were a little loud.

3. After a delicious lunch having pork cutlet, we went to Baewha
Girl's Highschool배화여자고등학교 for another sketch session. It almost
looked like a private dormitory school in the US, because the
buildings were made of bricks and the hilly campus was full of trees
and breeze. Afternoon light was great, casting light shadows, which
I tried to capture in this drawing. Later, I went to join Mrs.
Yoo,Mr. Lee, and Mrs. Jung were sketching the play area. They all had
beautiful sketches, and some with water color. I had a great time,
thanks to everyone, and can't wait to meet all of ou next Saturday! :)

pencil, A 4

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