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Friday, March 15, 2013

several familiar buildings around Daehangno, Seoul

Main Building of Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine, pencil and watercolor 

Main building of the Old National Industrial Institute, pen and watercolor

Korea National Open University completed recently, pen and watercolor

Samtou(monthly magazine) Headquarters, pen and oil pastel

Artist House (Former Administration Building of Seoul National Univ.), pencil

Seoul National Univ. Stroke and Cardiovascular Hospital, pen and watercolor

Hongik University Daehangno Campus completed recently, pen and watercolor  

Seoul National Univ. Museum of Medicine (Daehan Hospital), pen and watercolor 

the entrance of Clock Tower Building (Daehan Hospital), pen and watercolor
(21 x 29.6cm sketchbook)
Daehangno(University Street), known as the street for young people, is the former location of Seoul National University. Moving of Seoul National University led the opening of the Art Gallery and Art Theater of the Literary Hall and development of cultural space in the same area.
In 2004, Seoul Metropolitan Government designated Daehangno its second“culture street,”after Insa-dong. More interestingly, Daehangno is home to several examples of colonial architecture, including the old Daehan Hospital(1907) and the old National Industry Institute(1908), and so on. Those are well preserved beautifully as the cultural asset.
I sketched some well-known buildings around Daehangno looking back my old times, and was impressed by the harmony between the old and new architectures.

젊은이들의 광장 대학로....
마로니에 공원과 히포크라테스 광장, 근대 건축, 바로크 스타일, 시계탑 병원~~~
서울의 지성과 낭만의 반세기 역사가 대학천을 따라 흐르던 그 곳에서 어렸을 때부터 있던
낯익은 건물들을 스케치하면서 그 시절로 돌아간 듯한 향수와 함께 가슴이 뛰는 것을
왁자지껄~ 속의 도심 스케치는 생생한 시절을 원기있게 되살려주는 묘약인가 봅니다.

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