Monday, January 31, 2011

in subway

I sketched this one near a kiosk located at subway no. 3, Kyongbok Palace station waiting for my friend to come there. They seemed to be friends. They're talking for a while. The woman in kiosk seemed to have some headache. She touched her forehead with hands in turn.
(17 x 17 cm, pencil)


Kim Mikyung said...

짧은 시간에 좋은 포즈를 잘 잡으셨네요. 2월 첫날 좋은 소식 축하합니다!!! 소박한 축하 파티라도.. ^^

BH Yoo said...

그러게요! 설 연휴에 내내 기분 좋겠습니다. 김미경샘, 김경희샘 덕분입니다. 2월 스케치날 축하파티 합시다. ^ ^