Saturday, July 14, 2012

#36 World Wide Sketchcrawl at Pyeongchang-dong, Seoul

looking at the 'gana art center', 22.9 x 30.5 cm

looking down the beautiful houses of the village, A 4

looking down the street near the gallery, A 4

at Yeonhwajeongsa (temple), A 4

Buddha inside the temple, A 4

at Kim Chong-Yung Museum, A 4

Gana Art Center(left) and Seoul Auction House-gana art(right)

Lee Yong Hwan sketching at Yeonhwajeongsa

Jung Kyoung Won sketching at the temple

my mother walking around the temple

a photo taken by my mother(91 years old)

It was a fine day though in spite of a rainy season. YH Lee, KW Jung and I participated in. The village is famous for the rich one surrounded by Bughansan Mountain. These days big and small galleries with pretty cafes settled into the hill. We started to sketch at Gana Art Center and Total Museum. After having lunch we went up to the Yeonhwajeongsa(temple) where we could see the excellent view from top. The scenery was gorgeous. And the atmosphere of the garden inside the temple was so quiet that we enjoyed sketching very much. While sketching a woman who was tracking Ollegil of Bughansan Mountain asked to see our sketches with interest. We shared and encouraged her to join us someday. We moved to Kim Chong Yung Museum. The sculpture museum was fantastic with the placement and the design of building. Water from the mountain flowed under the lawn to the little pond inside the museum. Because we had not enough time to sketch more and it began to rain at 5 pm, we ended there. We hoped to sketch later in beautiful autumn. Thank you, KW Jung, YH Lee and my mother who accompanied us!


Song hae jeong said...

스케치하기에 정말 좋은 날씨였지요..장마틈에 참 다행이다 했지요~ 유선생님 그림 멋집니다 .담주에는 함께 하겠습니다^^

bh yoo said...

감사합니다. 건물들과 어우러진 경치가 너무 좋아서 평창동만 그려도 한참 그려야 할 것같습니다.