Sunday, April 14, 2013

39th World Wide SketchCrawl in Seoul

It was warmer day than before. After greeting our members I started to draw at outside of Yongsan Station. So many people come and go and noise from big spekers for sale and smell came from smoking area everywhere in outside of facilities annoyed me. But I was calm and ready to draw. I didn't do much though, it was lovely fantastic day to draw. Thanks all our Seoul Urban Sketchers! And very welcome new commers, Sang Jin Lee and his girlfriend.
전보다 따뜻한 날. 멤버들과 인사를 나눈 후  역사 밖에서 그림을 그리기 시작했다. 오고가는  사람들, 스피커 소음, 담배냄새가 신경쓰였지만, 난 그림 그릴 준비되어 있었다. 많이 그리진 못했지만, 그림 그리기에 환상적인 봄날이었다.
모든 회원님들께 감사드려요. 그리고 새로 오신 상진님과 여자친구 엄청 환영해요!

용산역 앞에서
the front view of Yongsan Station 1.
Galaxy Note2. SketchboonX App.

용산역 앞에서
the front view of Yongsan Station 2. pen and watercolor

용산역 앞에서 나무들
trees. pen and watercolor and oil pastel

용산역 맞은편 건물과 아파트들
buildings and apartments across the Yonsand station. pen and watercolor

아이파크 몰 4층 이벤트 팍에서
at the Event Park at 4th floor of  I Park Mall. pen and watercolor

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