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Monday, August 11, 2014

some sketches at Bosingak (보신각), Jongno-gu, Seoul

 Jongno Tower Building (종로 타워 빌딩) opposite to Bosingak, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

 the panoramic view of Bosingak, ( 16.3 x 29.6cm ) 

  the front view of Bosingak, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

 the side view of Bosingak, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

a scenery around Bosingak across the road, ( 21 x 29.6cm ) 

viewed from the 33rd floor of Jongno Tower, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

another sketch on the same spot, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

the royal guards in front of Bosingak, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

the chief gatekeeper (수문장), ( 21 x 29.6cm )

 the bell is rung 12 times everyday at noon, ( 21 x 29.6cm )

another sketch of the bell-ringing ceremony, ( 21 x 29.6cm )
( pen and watercolor )

The Bosingak Belfry (보신각), so-called Jonggak(종각), sits in a part of Seoul considered the most central in the city, both geographically and historically. It was originally constructed in 1396 but destroyed numerous times of the years from fires and wars. The current building, completed in 1979, is a replica of the original traditional design but a reinforced concrete structure, its significance lying in the site and its history rather than the building itself. In the Joseon Dynasty, the bell was hit to announce the opening and closing of the 4 gates around Seoul. Recently, to commemorate the history, everyday at noon except Monday, the building has opened to citizen and tourists for bell-ringing ceremony.
Last weekend, I sketched around the pretty historical landmark surrounded by high rise buildings and busy roads, feeling the harmony of old and new in central Seoul.
600년 넘는 보신각의 역사는 건축물과 범종의 운명적인 모습보다 장소성이 끈끈하게 가슴을 울립니다. 해가 바뀔 때마다 33번의 종소리와 함께 과거와 미래를 이어주면서 서울은 서서히 앞을 향해 변화해 갑니다.
고층 빌딩과 파도치는 삶의 물결 속에 둘러싸인 온고지신의 공간~~우리들 곁의 보신각은 스케치를 통해 마음을 정화시켜 줍니다.


JoungHwa said...

오래전에 우연히 친구랑 12시쯤에 만나게 되어서 보신삭 타종식에 참여한 적이 있습니다. 종을 가까이서 보고 만져보고 하니 TV로만 보던 것과는 달리 감동이었습니다.

Lee Yong Hwan said...

실제로 그려보니 이미지로만 보았던 종이 오감으로 느껴집니다. 스케치의 참맛인 것 같아요~~