Friday, March 4, 2016

sketch at Seooreung

Workers were hammering small poles into the ground in front of Myeongreung.
pen and watercolor, 27 x 19.5 cm

I used a fountain pen which my son presented days ago. I promised that I would draw nice ones. This one was the first drawing with that pen. 

Today it was a real spring day. I enjoyed the walking and sketching inside the newly decorated royal tomb garden, Seooreung. I suffered from bad cold last 10 days. The fine weather and nice pen gave a great pleasure. Nature and history was always there. I wish to go there often in spring days.

지난 열흘넘게 독감으로 고생하다가 오늘 모처럼 서오릉으로 스케치를 갔어요. 아들이 선물한 만년필로 그림을 그렸구요. 좋은 그림 많이 그리마 약속을 한지라 오늘 한 숙제를 한 기분이었어요. 날이 이만만하면 참 좋겠다 싶었습니다. 능을 보면서 우리의 역사도 생각해보았구요. 인현왕후와 숙종은 한 자리에 나란히 있는데 조금 뒤로 자리한 인원왕후의 묘소를 보면서 여인들의 비애가 읽혀졌습니다. 

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