Thursday, May 12, 2016

sketches on spring days

Back garden of Sejong Center, Gwanghwamun is always crowded with citizens. Especially the place is loved by nearby working office men and women for chatting after lunch.
pen, watercolor, A 4

The garden of Guui catholic church is next to the east gate of Children's Grand Park. So the scenery was very beautiful. The place seems very good for sketching and relaxing after walking all the ways in the park. 
pencil, watercolor, A 4

요즘 비도 내려주고, 바람은 세게 부는 날도 있지만 녹음 우거진 경치는 매우 아름답습니다. 어디를 가도 그림 소재가 많아 좋습니다.


AVBK said...

Lovely calm scenes and gentle sunshine - I feel like sitting down at that table and having a cup of tea while I enjoy the view!

BH Yoo said...

Ha ha...
So nice to hear from you!
Much thanks and hope your days full of joy! :)