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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

sketches at the exhibition "Discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck", National Museum of Korea, Seoul

 miniature of the ship, 1/10 of original size (34m x 11m x 3.7m, more than 200 tons)

visitors in the museum

 coins and sandalwood (The ship started from China to Japan loading ceramics, metal ware, 28 tons of coins, sandalwood and etc.) 동전과 자단목

 miniature of the bow (배의 선수)

discoveries in seabed (해저 유물들)

 people was looking at the Goryeo Dynasty's ceramics. (고려자기)

shelves full of celadon dishes(left), coins and sandalwood(center) and jars(right)

entrance of the exhibition hall (전시장 입구)

 inside the exhibition hall (전시장 내부)
( 21x 29.6cm sketchbook, pen and watercolor )

I visited the National Museum of Korea, Yongsan, Seoul last week. There was a special exhibition "Discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck"(신안해저선 유물전). I want to quote the introduction written in the brochure for the exhibition as follows.

"The National Museum of Korea proudly presents Discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck, a special exhibition commemorating the 40th anniversary of the excavation.
Excavation of the Sinan shipwreck began when a local fisherman caught a celadon vase in a net off the coast of Jeungdo, Sinan, Jeollanam-do Province in August 1975. Starting on October 27, 1976, the Bureau of the Cultural Heritage (currently the Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea) initiated a full-scale excavation and salvaged a huge quantity of artifacts---amounting to 24,000 pieces. These discoveries from the Sinan Shipwreck are presented in this special exhibition.
The comprehensive special exhibition was organized to present as many artifacts as possible from the Sinan shipwreck. While appreciating these remarkable cultural treasures, visitors can also gain a deeper understanding of the nature of the Sinan ship and fourteenth century trade and exchange of East Asia.
Sunk beneath the sea for around 650 years, the Sinan shipwreck appeared to us like a time capsule, an we hope that this exhibition will serve as a turning point for future research on the shipwreck."

I felt very impressed by the discoveries from the ship sunk on 14 centuries.
국립중앙박물관의 신안 해저유물전은
타임캡슐처럼 650년만에 나타나서....
그시대의 역사와 문화를 실감하게 하며
스케치하는 좋은 기회였습니다~~

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