Monday, December 5, 2016

Sketches at the 6th candle rally at Gwanghwamun

[By Yoo Byung-hwa]

duty policemen with safekeeping sashes at Gwanghwamun crossing

Singer, Kim Min-ju at Cheongun-dong

Scene of Samgaksan, Gwanghwamun gate and stage over which located the Blue House(presidential residence)

Statue of General Lee Sun-Sin at Gwanghwamun
pen, pencil, 20 x 27 cm

[By Lee Yong-hwan]

duty policeman for safekeeping at Gwanghwamun crossing, charcoal

Statue of General Lee Sun-Sin at Gwanghwamun

Dong-A Ilbo building at Gwanghwamun, charcoal

Scene of stage for speachers and singers in front of Gwanghwamun Gate, pen and watercolor

temporary stage for free speaking and singers at Cheongun-dong near the Blue House

As you know it was so tremendous. Gathered 2.32 millions participants to ask the president to resign and to be arrested. We arrived at Naeja-dong around 1:30 pm. People were there already to fill the ground, streets, moving from the Gwanghwamun Square to Cheongun-dong to press the Blue House with various kinds of flags. At night 416 torches paraded, which meant the date of Sewol Ferry Disaster on April 16th, 2014. 
The presidential impeachment motion sponsored by 171 lawmakers was submitted to the National Assembly on last Saturday and will be voted this Friday. People will keep watching all the process of politicians' activity. 
Being together in such a big scale will be one of the most memorable memories for all.
Thank you all for all you've done to keep peace!

지난 토요일에 제 6차 촛불 시위현장에 1시 반경에 도착하여서 청운동, 내자동, 광화문, 시청주변을 다녔습니다. 이미 오셔서 자리잡은 분들도 계셨고 무대꾸미느라 분주하시고 일부는 소규모 집회도 하셨습니다. 저녁의 본 집회에 앞서 이른 겨울의 추위에 아랑곳하지 않고 어린 자녀와 나와 계신 분들을 바라보면서 우리나라를 되살리고 지펴갈 희망의 불꽃을 보았어요. 저녁 7시에 다 함께 소등하고 다시 불붙이면서 느낀 일체감이라면 우리가 무엇인들 못하랴싶기도 했습니다. 단 하나의 정의로움을 위해서 말없이 하나 되는 국민, 그것도 완전한 평화로움 속에 이루어나가는 대한민국 국민의 위대한 힘을 다시 느끼고 왔습니다.

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