Sunday, February 12, 2017

여행어반스케치( trevel urbansketchers)

잠시 여행을 떠나왔어요.
필리핀에 머물며 그렸던 그림 올려요^^
다들 건강하세요.

I had a short journey. I want you to sit in the Philippines and draw some pictures. 

Everyone is healthy.

한적한 길과 오래된 건물
A quiet street and old building
(Oslob Municipal Hall)
파란 바다의 조용함
The quietness of the blue sea...
(Quartel Beach)
아름다운 성당과 사람들의 어울림
The harmony of the beautiful church and the people.
(Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion Church)
눈부셨던 바다의 색
The bright colors of the sea
(Sumilon Island)

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