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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Charcoal sketch at Incheon wharf

27.5 x 42 cm

Incheon is the place I used to go for sketching since tens years. Incheon wharf has all I need to practice for drawing. Water, ships, workers, endless changes of the total feature on sea are there. But it's not easy not to be confused by moving sunlight. And the ebb and flow is another problem which makes a sketcher restless. Ships rise and fall. What's worst is that the ship I am drawing leaves without notice. 
While I was drawing this one I could hear creaking hoarse sound irregularly under the moving bridge by the flowing water. By the strong wind it was very hard to hold the paper on board. Always should I wear well against wind and strong sunlight. Today I didn't. Drawing in charcoal gave me special joy of playing on paper using eraser often. 

오늘 집을 나서고 나니까 바람이 좀 심하다 싶었으나 그래도 햇살이 좋으니까 하고 버스 전철을 갈아타며 인천에 도착하니 바람이 장난이 아니더군요. 모자 챙이 뒤집어지고 종이판이 날아갈까봐 꼭 붙들었구요. 강한 햇살에 반바지아래 종아리가 따가워 가방으로 덮기도 하구요. 인천은 역시나 만만한 장소가 아님을 절감하고 왔습니다. 변화무쌍한 그림 공부 장소를 제공하는 인천 부두에 감사하며 날 좋으면 다시 오리라 다짐하고 돌아왔습니다. 


정영경 said...

It's really good.You had a good time in Incheon

Andy Oh said...

부지런 하십니다~

BH Yoo said...

자주 가보아야 할 곳이라는 생각에는 변함이 없습니다. 강한 햇살, 바람 속에서 화판과 씨름하는 것이 '노인과 바다'의 주인공이라도 되는 듯하구요. ^ ^