Friday, March 15, 2019

Sketches in subway

pen, pencil(6B), 18 x 25 cm

pencil, 18 x 25 cm

Two days ago I got on a subway no. 3 at Bulkwang station. As soon as I took a seat I could see a young family (from China, maybe) with a kid on a pram. Instantly I took out my sketch paper and started to draw them wishing them to go together at least for several stops. They did as if they heard my wish. I began with a gel-pen and finished with pencil. Because babies move fast in usual cases I captured her at first after drawing her mother's contour. After minutes she moved into her mother's lap and his sleepy brother could have a sweet sleep in the pram. Subjects with kids must be drawn rapidly for their incessant movements. It gives tension to a sketcher compared to the sketching old people. On the coming home I drew the three women who seemed to be friends. Similar clothes, scarves, hair styles, and bags may look somewhat monotonous, But I could feel comfortable in their round personalities who've been living with their utmost efforts. 

지난 수요일에 전철을 탔는데 바로 앞 좌석에 중국인으로 보이는 절은 가족이 앉아 있더군요. 마침 자리가 하나 비어서 앉아서 바로 그리기 시작했습니다. 요즘 어린아이 만나는 일도 드문 일이 되어가는지라 놓칠 수 없었어요. 아이들은 움직임이 빨라 참 어렵습니다. 반면에 집에 오는 길에 그린 노부인 드로잉은 좀 여유를 가지고 그렸구요. 언제 내릴지 모르는 승객들이라 항상 긴장감 속에 그려내야하기에 대상을 단순화시키는 훈련이 되는 듯합니다. 

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