Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sketches at Euljiro

An old Japanese style house remained at Bangsan market, Euljiro 5-ga, pencil, watercolor,,A 4

I started regular meetup sketching at Bangsan Market, located at Euljiro 5-ga. 
Entering the market I met a crossing guard. Hearing about the drawing the market scenes he recommended to capture this house. He added that lots of photographers visited to take picture the house. It looked attractive enough to draw. Because it was a weekend day some stores were close I could take my sit in front of a closed store and keep drawing without any trouble.
A young man who came out of another store to smoke after his lunch answered to my several questions about the house that he didn't know well but it seemed empty,

A cafe scene on 2F deck of Daerim Arcade, pencil, watercolor, A 4 

It was a cloudy day and weather forecasted raining on afternoon. When I walked down to downtown I met a bridge linking Daerim Arcade to Sampoong Arcade. But the bridge was under repairing so I tried to draw the cafe scenery on the shining terrace of Daerim Arcade. Piled plastic boxes used as a tea table caught my eye. Red brick wall was always beautiful. While I was drawing this one I met some favorite sketchers. Sketching freely without any fixed meeting places gave another possibility to find unknown spots here and there. COVID-19 changes our lives to a greater or lesser degree.

Scenery seen from the Exit 4 of Euljiro 1-ga(Euljiro ipgu) station, pencil, watercolor, A 4

I arrived at the entrance of Euljiro where lots of business buildings and shopping centers were gathered. I took a seat near the subway exit preparing to escape to the exit when it rained. When I kept drawing the street scene an old man shouted to me "Go over there!", I found a big lump covered with vinyl sheet was his dwelling place. At first I thought it as sand boxes laid by city. I answered him "Oh, did you stay there? Sorry! I didn't know that and I'll leave soon." He seemed satisfied anyhow and asked me in ordinary voice where I was from and so on. Around the exit some homeless people including a woman were there. A small garden located near the exit might give them rest in mind, 

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