Thursday, April 29, 2021

Sketching in watercolor on fine days

A scene of a special ceremony held on Jogyesa(temple located at Jongno, Seoul) to award certificates to monks who passed 1st grade exam,
ball-point pen, watercolor, 10.5 x 30 cm

A pagoda decorated with lotus lanterns donated by believers at Jogyesa, brush-pen, pen,  watercolor, 39.5 x 27 cm

A scene at Gabriel billiards club located at Juan city, brush-pen, watercolor, 39.5 x 27 cm

A scene in Garden billiards club located at Jongno, Seoul, 
brush-pen, watercolor, 39.5 x 27 cm

The weather seems very good for sketching outside. I visit billiards club often. I was very interested in playing. These days I tried to draw on bigger than my usual A 4 size. It was somewhat thrilling and enthralling too. After finishing them the staffs in the clubs liked the works, which made me have confidence to keep drawing forwards. On my way to home I drop in Jogyesa(temple) to appreciate all those colorful lotus lanterns decorated for the celebration of Buddha's birth on May 19(April 8th in lunar calender). People enjoy the beautiful scenes on day and night with shining lights, A woman, believer, asked me to take a photo of the pagoda drawing. Even she wanted to have photo holding it and once more with her mask off and happy smile. Yesterday I dropped in the temple holding the billiards drawing to dry it more and met a woman. Looking at it she told about his strong interest in art. Promising to meet later we departed. Such unexpected encountering was given by drawings. 

요즈음은 크게 덥지도 춥지도 않아서 수채화 그리기에 아주 좋은 듯합니다. 겨울에는 주로 마른 재료를 사용하나 바람부는 이즈음에는 수채화가 번거롭기는 해도 해볼만합니다. 그동안에는 당구장에 가면 연습하기에 바빴고 A 4 정도 종이에 인물 드로잉은 종종 했지만 좀 큰 종이에 수채화로 담아보고 싶은 마음에 용기를 내었습니다. 클럽을 나오면서 당구장 주인분들께 보여드리니 놀라워하면서 좋아하시는 모습에 저도 자신감을 갖고 더 많은 장면을 담아 보고 싶어졌습니다. 게다가 "사진보다 좋네요."하는 말씀에 저도 놀랐습니다. 당구도 하고 그림도 그리고 일석이조에다가 당구장에 오신 손님들에게도 '격'을 높여드리는 일이 되지 아닐까 하는 자부심도 가져봅니다. 

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