Tuesday, March 2, 2010

at Hongik University

I went to Hongik University for learning and producing prints at the lifelong education center this semester. Before the class began I sksetched the big building at the main entrance of that university with fountain pen. I'm looking forward to learning something new about lithography with young classmates.


ecrire said...

"열정"으로 따지면 선생님을 따라갈 사람이 없을 것 같아요 그 뜨거움이 나눔으로 저에게도 온기가 되어 옵니다
늘 고맙습니다

La Vi said...

wahh! nice pict

Kim kyung-hee said...

모노톤의 간결한 붓터치가 참 멋진 그림입니다. 눈여겨 보지 않는 곳에 눈길을 주셨네요.