Thursday, February 24, 2011

Festival Cultural de America Latina

Latin musicians
Professor Park Kil-Yong, Kukmin University

Mr.Diego del Riso from Peru

Scribbling on the paper

Today I attended the lecture meeting on the subject of Latin Culture and architecture. It was helded in KIRA(Korean Institute of Registered Architects)buiding. I drew this and that immediately in the middle of the lecture.
Unfortunately I hadn't a skechbook, I could not help drawing on the back page of the prints.
(Mr.Diego del Riso는 건축가이자 주한 Peru대사의 남편입니다. 강연회가 끝난 후에 이 스케치를 보여 주었더니 너무 좋아하면서 꼭 web site에 올려달라고 했습니다. 한-중남미 교류에 일조한 듯하여 기분 좋습니다.)

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