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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sketches by Sang-Hee Moon at Soongshil University

Near the entrance of the main building of Soongshil University
2B pencil, A4

Facing the Soongshil building, next to Ahn Ik Tae conservatory
2B pencil, A4

Thank you, Ms.Yoo and Mr. Lee, another great sketch session. It was a hot day, even though there weren't many trees or shades nearby to protect from the summer heat, the campus was full of great energy. There was even a student group, climbing the walls of the campus, doing jumping, handstands, and so on. The music building to the side was called Ahn Ik Tae, the composer of the national anthem, was interesting with many different patterns/shapes, which I didn't get to sketch, but made the campus more lively. All in all, it was a good day. Looking forward to the next meetup/sketch session!!!

1 comment:

bh yoo said...

Love both drawings, especially the first one. Thank you for sharing!