Thursday, June 7, 2012

Santo Domingo Symposium Scholarship

USK Boarder Victor Martinez Escamez (Swasky) sent the urgent message to spread for all correspondents as follows :

All USk correspondants are invited to apply for a scholarship to the Santo Domingo Symposium, and the deadline is 11th June.

Administrators, please receive all applications from your correspondants, and copy them into the google doc that I have shared with you. I suggest you create your own google doc and share it with your correspondents. Then you'll only have to copy the grids into the main document.  (I have shared this document with you only using our google group but I have also sent this email to your personal e-mail if you can't get into it, let me know, please).

A commitment to the USk movement and storytelling skills will be high our top criteria in selecting a winner.

Thank you for your cooperation!


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