Thursday, October 1, 2015

Holiday sketches at Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

symbol sculpture, "Spring" (스프링) by Claes Oldenburg and Coose Van Bruggen, 
pen and watercolor 

 Cheonggyecheon Stream sketched at Cheonggye Plaza, pencil and watercolor

 Gwanggyo Bridge (광교), pen and watercolor 

 Supyogyo  Bridge (수표교), pen and watercolor 

sketched from Beodeuldari Bridge (버들다리), pen and watercolor

Sewoon Electronics Plaza (세운전자상가), pen and watercolor

 Mojeongyo Bridge (모전교), pen and pastel 

Pyeonghwa Clothing Market near Ogansugyo Bridge (오간수교), pen and watercolor 

( 21 x 29.6 cm sketchbook )
Last weekend, during the Chuseok (추석), Korean Thanksgiving holidays, I visited Cheonggyecheon and sketched the colorful sceneries walking along the stream for two days. The Cheonggyecheon is a stream running through central Seoul from west to east. There are 22 bridges that cross the stream and every bridge has its own historic name and unique form. Until it was restored in 2005, Cheonggyecheon Stream existed only as a neglected waterway hidden by an overpass. Nowadays, it has been transformed into a haven of natural beauty amidst the bustle of city life.
The weather was so fine all through the Chuseok holidays, I enjoyed sketching several cityscapes from Cheonggye Plaza (청계광장) to Pyeonghwa Fashion Town (평화패션타운) near Dongdaemun Gate.
1년 만에 다시 그려보는 청계천의 가을 하늘이 새롭습니다..
어두웠던 그림자와 햇살의 눈부심이 겹쳐가며 흐르는 푸른 오아시스~~
다리마다 건물마다 옛과 오늘의 영상이 파노라마같이 출렁거립니다.
이틀을 그렸어도 소재가 마를 새 없이 넘쳐나는 청계천 풍물입니다.

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