Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sketches at Cheonggyecheon and Jogyesa by Andy Oh

청계광장의 스프링, 클라스 올덴버그 와 쿠스 반 브루겐 작품
    Spring at cheonggye Squre made by Claes Oldenburg and Coose van Bruggen

조계사 대웅전 앞의 돌사자
    " I am a Stone Lion, protecting the main building of the Temple from evil."

조계사 나무 갤러리 기획전 상주 남장사의 석장승을 노정용이 재현
    Stone totem pole of a temple made by Jeongyong Noh,  Special Exhibitiom at  Namu Gallery of Chogye Temple,

Andy Oh at Jogyesa

날씨도 좋고 사람도 좋은 날이었습니다.
어번스케치에 점점 빠져들것 같군요^^
다음에 뵈어요~~ 

What a nice day it was!  
It was a beautiful autumn day.
I had a feeling to be addicted to Urban Sketch ^^
See you again~~

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