Monday, December 7, 2015

sketches at a cafe in Nagwon shopping mall (musical instrument stores)

pen, pastels, 18.5 x 25 cm

I dropped in the Nagwon shopping mall of musical instruments last month. Having tea I saw a woman with grey coat. She was waiting for somebody. A guy came soon. They began to talk about some event related with performance. And two persons arrived at. Though I couldn't grasp what the exact contents they were discussing about, the mood looked good for sketching. Thanks to the pastels I kept I could enjoy drawings.

지난 달에 낙원 상가에 들러서 2층에 있는 까페에 앉아 쉬었어요. 잠시 후에 몇몇 분이 오시더니 회의를 하는 것같았어요. 책상위에 노트북, 수첩, 필기도구로 메모도 하며 공연에 관한 회의를 하는 하는 듯했습니다. 다행히 파스텔을 가지고 나간지라 두장 그렸습니다.

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