Tuesday, December 29, 2015

sketches at E Mart, Eunpyeong branch

inside scene of the restaurant "Shabu Rian", pen, watercolor, A 4

pen, watercolor, A 4

Kids' cafe located on 8th floor of the shopping mall for kids and parents,
conte, watercolor, A 4

inside scene of the mall, conte, watercolor, A 4

On these winter days I like to sketch indoor scenes sitting on benches set here and there for customers. It was a pleasing experience to draw kids playing with kinds of toys with parents. Though they move in flashes usually they concentrate on the toys for minutes sometimes. Warm colors and kids harmonized well. 

추운 겨울 날씨에는 실내 풍경을 그리기 좋습니다. 자주 가는 은평 이마트에서 여러 장을 그려보았어요. 늘 지나다니기만 하다가 키즈 까페 유리창 앞에 의자가 있길래 재미나게 그릴 수 있었습니다. 따뜻한 색갈과 천진난만한 어린이들이 잘 어울리는 풍경이었습니다.

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Kim Mikyung said...

어린아이들 그리기 참 어려워요. 순식간에 사라져버려서.^^