Monday, February 15, 2016

sketch at the exhibition in the Seoul Arts Center

pen, charcoal, A 4

Last Saturday I visited the Seoul Arts Center to see the exhibition of the masterpieces of the British Museum under the title "Human Image". The inside was crowded with visitors of course. I appreciated every piece ranging from BC to contemporary works. There were chairs for the keepers. I sat and sketched the scenery. Charcoal was very proper material for the dark and lighted inside. It might be an excuse if I say I couldn't draw them for the rushing visitors. Ratherly I would have liked to enjoy all those masterpieces. Hope you not to miss the exhibit. Thank you!

지난 토요일에 예술의 전당에서 대영박물관 전시회를 관람했어요. 주말이고 해외 박물관 전시라 방문객이 많았어요. 점심도 미리 김밥으로 때우고 들어가서 몇시간 관람하면서 그림은 한두장밖에 못그렸습니다. 다른 관람객에게 방해될 것같기도 했고, 저도 한 작품 한 작품 꼼꼼히 보고 싶었지요. 긴 시대를 아우르는 많은 작품들을 대하면서 많은 생각과 각오를 다지고 나왔습니다.

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