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Friday, September 30, 2016

sketches at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital

hospital building viewed from Seoul Express Bus Terminal (서울 고속버스 터미널), 
pen and watercolor

main gate of Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, pen and watercolor

main entrance of the hospital, pen and pastel

Central City Terminal across from the hospital, pen and watercolor

pedestrian overpass connected to Central City (센트럴 시티 보도육교), 
pen and watercolor

annex buildings viewed from 16th floors in the hospital, pen and watercolor

main hall of the hospital, pen and watercolor

information desk (안내, 진료상담), pen and watercolor

hospital administration (수납, 원무과), pen and pastel

tonometry(안압검사) at Eye Center, pen and watercolor

concert (서리풀 축제 콘서트) in the hospital lobby, pen and pastel
( 21 x 29.6cm sketchbook )
Few days ago I visited  Seoul St. Mary's Hospital, Seocho-gu (서초구) in Seoul two times.
Seoul St. Mary's Hospital is one of the affiliated hospitals of Catholic University of Korea (가톨릭 대학교 서울 성모병원) and is part of the CMC (Catholic Medical Center) network based on its 80 years of history. The hospital is conveniently located within minutes by car, subway, bus, or on foot from many of Seoul’s international companies, hotels, and government buildings.
It was fine weather to sketch, and the atmosphere around the hospital was very pleasant enjoying the beautiful fall season. I sketched some colorful scenes in and outside the 
hospital, especially the concert for patients was a touching performance.
가톨릭대 부속 서울 성모병원~~
넘치는 방문객, 기다리는 환자들과 봉사자,
부산한 의료진들 사이로 자애로운 성모상,
자연과 음악이 어우러지는 힐링 콘서트...
고속터미널의 숨가쁜 시간표를 떠나
아픔과 치유의 시간을 함께 하며 
이틀간 스케치 삼매경에 빠졌습니다. 

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