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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Pastel sketches at Children's Grand Park

scene at amusement park, A 4

painters painting a booth, pen, pastels, A 4

caricaturists under parasols near the booth, A 4

Days ago I went to Children's Grand Park located at Neungdong. I go often for sketching and taking rest. I began one sketch at the amusement park where lots of fun and excitement are there. It was sunny. Hearing the thrilling sound of rising train machine I drew smiling. After finishing it I moved to botanical garden and found an interesting spot where a booth was being painted by several painters. Previous green color was changed into yellow. And I saw some caricaturists under red parasols. Parents were looking at the drawing of their kids. The strong colors at that scene were very impressive. I felt refreshed breathing cool air and sketching.

며칠젼 능동에 있는 어린이 대공원에 다녀왔어요. 자주 가는 곳이지만 계절에 따라 달리 보이는 풍경과 뜻하지 않게 만나는 풍경이 있어 기대감을 갖고 가게 됩니다. 역시나 재미난 품경을 만나게 되어 즐거운 스케치를 했습니다. 

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