Monday, January 28, 2019

62nd World Wide SketchCrawl at Seoul Folk Flea Market

front view of the flea market building, pen and watercolor, (36x51cm)

viewed from hall around ramp on the 2nd floor, pencil and watercolor, (36x51cm)

a herbal shop on the 2nd floor, pen and watercolor crayon, (29.6x 42cm)

traditional Korean restaurant on the 1st floor, pencil and watercolor crayon, (36x51cm)

a quick sketch of indoor scene, fountain pen, (29.6x 42cm)

Last Saturday, for the 62nd World Wide SketchCrawl, we Seoul urban sketchers met at Seoul Folk Flea Market (서울풍물시장), Sinseol-dong (신설동), Dongdaemun-gu. The market is well known as the largest flea market in Korea, and all the street around market were crowded with customers and vendors all the year round. There are lots of sketching subject matters such as various kinds of regional specialties, antiques, craftworks, pottery, variegated necessaries of life, rare objects and many others.
It was very cold and windy outdoors, but inside the market building was so warm by many heaters and vibrant atmosphere for enjoying sketch pleasantly. I've visited here to sketch many times before, so all the colorful scenes were not stranger to me. I tried to sketch the familiar scenes in and out of the interesting flea market with a new perspective. It's a certainly useful experience to repeat sketching on the same spot many times.
찾아갈수록 세월의 켜가 쌓여가는 서울풍물 벼룩시장~
훈훈한 옛날시간 속으로 들어가 변해가는 오늘을 보는 장소..
일상의 흔적이 담긴 생활소품들에서 추억이 새록새록
골동품, 중고품, 갖가지 희귀한 잡동사니가 뒤섞이면서
그려도 그려도 소재가 넘쳐나는 생활 스케치의 명소입니다.

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한정선 said...

많은 사람들의 움직임이 시장의 활기을 더해주네요
풍물시장건물의 외관도 멋져요
그리고 싶었는데 시간도 없고 춥기도 하고..
전천후쌤이 부러워요^^