Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sketches at Mullae Art Village, Seoul

facade of iron works located at Mullae Art Village, Guro-gu, Seoul, sepia conte, A 4
The area was famous for lots of iron works since 1960s. But economical crisis on 1997 there became vacant sites to be increased, where the artists who needed enough space for cheap rent instead of high one in downtown gathered and started to do their jobs. Iron, steel and art could keep coexistence since then. Years ago at my first visit I could see some sites were transformed into galleries. This time I couldn't find unfortunately but small and large scale restaurants or cafes. I think it might be for that I couldn't wander everywhere or for the rainy weekend. Just mural painting in some alleys looked good compared to the dark iron works sites. 

inside scene of 308 Mohenic Stay, pen, watercolor, pastels, A 4

scenery of an alley at the village, sepia conte, A 4
The area seemed to be surrounded by high risen buildings day by day. I could meet some photographers or visitors walking around the attraction.

This kind of scene reminded me of iron works at Incheon which was one of my favorite sketching places. I like those features with spread-out wings or awnings and supporters in such working sites. It it was not weekend day I could see more workers. 

inside of the Anglican Church of Korea, Yeongdeungpo Church, sepia conte, A 4
The church began activity since 1966 for urban laborers. After a short talk with the kind priest in the ground I walked up to 2nd floor chapel hall. There was nobody in dark. I just tried to draw in serious darkness. Only small red light in the altar was shining. sepia conte, pastels, A 4

많은 분들께서 참여하신 풍성하고 즐거운 스케치 모임이었어요. 
긴 테이블위를 꽉 채운 작품들은 장관이었습니다. 
어려운 날씨에 수고 많으셨고 자주 뵙기 바랍니다. ~

어제 다소 쌀쌀한 날씨였지만 문래 창작촌을 둘러보며 스케치 할 수 있어서 매우 좋았습니다. 기대했던 스튜디오나 갤러리는 휴일이어서 그런지 방문하지 못했으나 종래의 커다란 철 공장들의 모습이 멋졌어요. 자주 가던 인천 만석동, 연안부두에 있는 철공장들이 생각나서 더욱 반가왔구요. 거칠지만 단순한 모습들과 예술인의 작업이 잘 융화되어 많은 분들이 찾는 맛깔스러운 공간으로 발전했으면 하는 바람을 가졌습니다. 늦은 비로 더 다양한 모습을 담지 못했으나 많은 분들의 참여로 활기찬 하루였습니다. 주최하신 촬리 선생님께 감사드립니다. 너무 수고 많으셨습니다. 

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