Monday, January 20, 2020

Sketches at Ttukseom Culture Complex J-Bug (뚝섬 자벌레관)

surrounding scene viewed from the terrace of the tunnel, pen and watercolor, 
(29.6 x 42cm)

indoor scene at the library, Seoul Saengag Maru, pen and watercolor, 
(21 x 29.6cm)

a happy family scene inside the Seoul Saengag Maru, pen and watercolor, 
(21 x 29.6cm)

an outdoor scene viewed from the tunnel near the exit 3 of subway no.7, 
pen and watercolor, (21 x 29.6cm)

scenery of Han River viewed from the observatory deck of the Seoul Saengag Maru, pencil, (29.6 x 42cm)
Last Saturday, it was rather cold but clear weather to sketch. Seoul urban sketches gathered at Ttukseom Cultural Complex J-bug(뚝섬 전망문화컴플렉스) from the morning.  J-Bug, so-called Jabollae Observatory (자벌레전망대) is a well-known cultural complex located at Ttukseom Han River Park in Gwangjin-gu. It forms a floating tunnel that looks like a smooth curved catapillar, and offers a magnificient views of the Han River. It is directly connected to the subway station, making it more accessible to citizens and convenient to visit regardless of the weather. Inside the tunnel, the library (Seoul Saengag Maru, 서울생각마루), observatory deck, cafes and interior spaces with a fine atmosphere are all sketch materials. Exterior views from open spaces, various scenes around the Han River, surrounding scenes of apartments and overpasses are also good sketch subjects. As I happened to have another schedule that afternoon, I had to sketch quickly from place to place and leave the meeting place. The sketch meeting, which has a lot of drawing materials with new members, was impressive and I would like to visit more often to do many works. It was a nice day of free-wheeling sketches!
뚝섬 한강공원의 작은 명물 자벌레 전망대~~
한강을 향한 몸통 속에 길게 이어지는 환상의 공간
어둠을 가르며 간간이 스쳐가는 햇살과 부드러운 조명속에
열린 데크를 통해서 한강 주변 파노라마들을 감싸안으며
도시속에서 숲과 물을 향유하며 독서와 이벤트를 같이 즐기는
자벌레관 속에서 보내는 스케치의 하루는 상쾌한 시간입니다.

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