Monday, January 20, 2020

Sketches in Ttukseom Caterpillar

 Regular  meeting of Seoul urbansketchers was held in Ttukseom Park 
I' ve never  been  in there ' cause it was made May last  year. 
It's a kind  of complex culture space for Seoul citizens 
As  the name says, many  people were doing something like reading, 
working,playing and painting 
The connection turner,  looks  like Caterpillar,was very impressive 
and the stair seat looked so easy for the family to play with. 
Above all, the windows shaped circle was very unique. 
Through the window we could see the scenery of Han River .
It was exciting to see the members and their real works. 
That's why I attend regular meeting. 

잔치날같이 북적북적, 모두 반가웠어요~^^

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