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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

apartment buildings at Changsindong in Seoul

multistory apartment complex recently built

old fashioned Dongdaemun apartment
Changsindong is well known as an old village near by Dongdaemun, an important cultural property. There are various clustered buildings with the passage of years.This village is planned to be redeveloped soon.
A few days ago, I sketched two types of apartment building. One is new apartment complex and another is a very old apartment in this village.


Kim kyung-hee said...

상반된 두 건물이 많은 생각을 하게 해 줍니다. 삶의 또 다른 모습으로도 보입니다.

Lee Yong-hwan said...

삶이 벅적거리는 슬럼화지역은 점차 "뉴타운"으로 변해 가겠지만, 아래의 60년대식 세칭 "연예인아파트(이주일씨가 살았던)"는 서울시가 매입하여 문화예술 창작공간으로 리모델링한다니 매우 좋은 발상입니다.

ecrire said...

On Changsin-dong former days, there is that I go.
City is impatient because personal taste seems to dissolve even if do not know that is sublimed and is beautiful by a name called development.
One teacher's the biggest advantage middle ear considers if do not preserve by picture because contain affection to things which disappear though the one of the biggest advantage of the picture is recording.

Lee Yong-hwan said...

I think it's very important that we should preserve the urban image by endless drawing.