Monday, February 8, 2010

at dongsungdong street

pen and watercolor, at dongsungdong street,chongno,seoul,Korea.

I sketched while I was waiting at a bus.

활기찬 동숭동 대학로거리지만
평일 저녁엔 소음사이로 가끔 달도 보이고 고즈녁할 때도 있습니다.

Dongsung street is alive but sometimes we can see the moon through the noise.


bh yoo said...

As you wrote, the atmosphere of sunset is calm and peaceful. You let us find the real beauty in common life. Thank you!

ecrire said...

복잡한 대학로의 풍경을 밑둥을 툭- 잘라놓고 보니 이렇게 고요한 느낌으로 다가올 수도 있네요