Tuesday, March 1, 2011

at Kangnam-ku, Seoul

Lee Sung-ae, at coffee shop

Lee Sung-ae, at Kangnam-ku

Lee Sung-ae, at Kangnam-ku

Lee Sung-ae, at Kangnam-ku

Yoo Byung-hwa, signs on the street of Dosan crossing

Yoo Byung-hwa, buildings near the Dosan crossing

Yoo Byung-hwa, profile of the building near Kyobo crossing

Yoo Byung-hwa, sketchers at the entrance of Kyobo Tower, Kangnam-ku

Today was the anniversary of the Independence Movement of March lst, 1919. It snowed a little in the morning. Six sketchers came to Kyobo Tower building. We started sketching inside the building. But the guards forbade our sketching in and out of the building within its boundary. They kept saying it was a rule that nobody could take picture or distribute brochures in the very front of the building. We felt shame so much about the lack of understanding of the staffs working in such a famous building toward artists or sketchers. They treated us as 'homeless' on street telling the 'image(dignity)' of the building got tarnished. Despite of such displeasing happening we moved cross the road and kept sketching. After having lunch, we went to Dosan crossing by taxi and had good time at the nice coffee shop talking and sketching till 4 pm. Thanks all, especially a new comer Lee Sung-ae!

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경원언니 표정만큼이나 즐거웠습니다~~