Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sketches in mart

A female staff from milk producer was offering small cups of milk to customers in mart.

A male staff was explaining how to use cutting utensil to customers to sell it.

I went to a big mart near my village by walk over one and a half hour. There I washed these ones seated on chairs in different floors more comfortably than in streets. I bought a blue jacket for coming spring.


Kim Mikyung said...

정운자샘 말대로 정말 뭔가 변화가 느껴지네요. 물감을 바꾸셨나?? 어쨌든 더 좋습니다.

BH Yoo said...

물감통을 가볍게하려고 색을 한정적으로 짰다는 것이고요. 그러다보니 색이 번잡스럽지않아 단순해보이는 것이 아닌가싶네요. 색이없으니 본래색(local color)도 무시하게되고요. 짐줄이려는 것이 변화의 요인인가봅니다요. 어제 오페라, 인디안 레드등 몇색 더짜넣으니 벌써 무거워지는 듯...^ ^