Wednesday, January 11, 2012

sketches of cityscape from Jongno Tower Building

Jongno 2-ga street seen from the bridge inside the restaurant 'Top Cloud'

cityscape seen from restroom of the restaurant.
The far right mountain would be Namsan(southward mountain).

I could see Tapgol(Tower) Park and Jongmyo Park at left side of Jongno street. And at lower part I found the Seungdong church.

steak I had, 20 x 26 cm sketchbook
The Jongno Tower building locates in center part of Jongno street. Hwasin Department was located before at that place. The empty space at top part looks characteristic creating various scenes with the lower buildings around it. I enjoyed lunch and sketching together.


Song hae jung said...

유선생님~ 축하합니다..아드님 제대를^^ 전망이 끝내주는 레스토랑 저두 스케치하러 가봐야겠습니다^^

bh yoo said...

가시면 스케치때문에라도 굉장히 좋아하실겁니다. 음식은 먹성 좋은 아이들이 보기에는 아주 다양하지는 않더군요. 그저 전망값으로...:)

Tamiz said...

와우.. 가보고 싶은 레스토랑이있어요~
좋은 시간 되셨을 것 같아요~